Training for Russian dealers of the Kverneland Group

For over two hundred years, the Kverneland Group has been producing towed equipment using new manufacturing technologies and exceptional expertise to meet farmers’ needs across the globe. Realising that the maintenance of such high-tech machines calls for continual improvement of servicing skills, EkoNiva is giving much attention to training its own engineers both at manufacturers’ plants and in Russia. This time,

According to Kverneland Group experts, the principal reason why the European manufacturing company has come to share its expertise with the Voronezh region was the superior equipment of the EkoNiva-Chernozemye servicing centre where the dealers can get excellent training.

The training proceeded on three sites at a time. The service centre’s workshops were used for demonstrating precision seeding machines: the Monopill SE twelve-row system for seeding beets and the Optima eighteen-row system for seeding maize, beets, sunflowers and soya. In the assembly room, Kverneland Product Manager Tobias Bier presented the company’s new products for the Russian market. These were the Airseeder seeding system, MSC high performance seeder, Kverneland CLE deep ripper, and CTC cultivator.

The European training given in Liski on a person-to-person basis was its chief feature according to the trainees. They had more questions than trainers could answer both about the machines presented and current pressing issues. Many trainees confessed that they were glad not only to learn new things but also refresh their knowledge.

�At such events it is very important not only to train, but also to establish a dialogue with the dealers,’ said Peter Penner, Kverneland Product Manager. �This is so because that is precisely how we best learn what the supplier and, hence, the Russian agricultural businessman needs. Today we have passed on our knowledge, like a relay baton, to the dealers, who will deliver it to all the workers.’

Our extra information

The Kverneland Group is one of the leading transnational companies involved with development, production and sale of farming equipment. The first facility of Kverneland was built in 1879. Today, the Kverneland Group comprises 7 plants in 7 countries with a workforce of 2,200 people. The Group manufactures machines for the following farming sectors: soil tillage and seeding, fodder production, fertiliser introduction, and plant protection.