Seed Hawk, a pro in its class

In 2006, the Vaderstad Company, in association with the Canadian Seed Hawk plant, launched the production of new Seed Hawk stubble field seeders. In 2007 they came onto the Russian market. Corporate leaders who have already tried the Seed Hawk machines on their fields voiced their opinions.

Super! Sergey Kozhanov, deputy director of Partner Farm LLC, Mikhailovsky district, Altai Territory. This farming complex is engaged in growing crops and cattle breeding. Its specialties are grains, oil seeds and fodders. It plans to increase its sown area to 22,000 hectares. By the coming winter, it is going to build up its livestock to 700 animals. “I see the performance of the Seed Hawk as excellent,” said Sergey Kozhanov. “A 12 metre seeder has been working at our complex since 2009. Seeding with simultaneous introduction of fertilisers is a hefty advantage of the Seed Hawk. Using it, this year we have sown 3,400 hectares. The essential thing in our droughty zone is to obtain copious shoots. I have never before seen such excellent results! That is why we recently acquired one more 18 metre Seed Hawk seeder.” Dreams come true! Yuri Kalinin, deputy director of Kadnikovskoye LLC, Mamontovsky district, the Altai Territory. The farm is engaged in growing crops and cattle breeding. Its specialty is growing rape for oilcakes and biofuel. The area under cultivation is 12,800 ha. The total cattle stock is 1,200 animals. “I’ve been dreaming of such a seeder for a long time!” says Yuri Kalinin. “In 2009, my dream came true. We bought two Seed Hawk seeders with a working width of 12 metres. This year, we’ve sown over 8,200 hectares. We are pleased with the seeding quality. The Seed Hawker seeders differ from others in that their parts wear down less. This reduces the cost of the machine’s servicing.” Three seasons that showed the things’ worth Igor Khromykh, leading agronomist of the Agrokultura LLC, Voronezh region. The company is engaged in growing crops. It specializes in grains and beans. The farmland is 14,000 ha. “We’ve been using the Seed Hawk for the third season,” says Igor Khromykh. “This year, we’ve sown 1,380 hectares. It’s convenient that the Seed Hawk can be used for seeding different crops. Its indisputably strong point is the ability to introduce seeds at an even depth, which gives even shoots.” All users of the Seed Hawk without exception point to fine results at optimal outlays. Performing several operations in a single go, the Seed Hawk saves time, reduces fuel consumption and retains moisture in the soil without disturbing its structure. The Seed Hawk seeding system is fitted with two colters arranged in a parallel series towards the seedbed, with a sharp cutting edge. This enables placement of fertilizers at an optimally safe distance from the seeds. Thus, the shoots get the required nutrients without risk of being “burnt.” Another special feature is the ability to operate on various soils. The seeder can work both on hard and sandy soils. The seeder is fitted with a single control panel with a monitor supplying various information. The operator can immediately learn the current seeding speed, the sown area and the dosage of seed and fertilizer introduction. In short, the Seed Hawk is a pro in its class!