Agrosalon-2010 offers the best equipment for Russian farmers

This year, Agrosalon brought together more than 250 companies from 21 countries who presented 300 samples of the latest farming machines. 19 models were awarded gold and silver medals in the Innovations Contest.

The AgroCentre stand also featured agricultural equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers in their market segments. They are Vaderstad of Sweden, a leading manufacturer of seeding and tilling equipment, and JCB of the UK, a major manufacturer of loaders for a variety of applications.

At the exhibition, many customers showed interest in seeding equipment. In this sector, AgroCentre presented the Rapid 600C stubble seeder from Vaderstad.

�Rapid is a multifunctional seeder suited both for traditional seeding and seeding with minimal soil treatment,’ says Nikolai Bashkirov, an expert in the AgroCentre orders department. �In a single pass, it treats the soil, loosens its surface, introduces fertilisers, seeds, and compresses the soil. The seeder interested visitors very much since today effective farming needs highly productive, high quality, cost effective machines which make it possible to use modern agricultural technologies.’

Visitors could familiarise themselves in greater detail with Vaderstad equipment at the company’s stand, where AgroCentre experts provided advice.

�Top Down and Carrier cultivators work effectively on Russian farms and get fulsome praise,’ says Nikolai Ivanishchev, AgroCentre Sales Director. �The products feature high quality and efficiency.’

As for loaders, AgroCentre presented the JCB 535-95AgriSuper 130 hp telescopic loader.

�This machine lives up to its name,’ says Nikolai Bashkirov. �This is a super machine, the most powerful in its class of JCB telescopic loaders. It can operate at cattle breeding and storage facilities. The loaders are also widely used in field work and meet the farm’s own needs. Its small size, combined with high manoeuvrability and reliability makes it possible to do any work well and fast.’

Sergei Kharitonov, JCB Agricultural Adviser in Russia and the CIS said that at this year’s exhibition JCB also displayed the Loadall 52750 series telescopic loader. The first machines appeared on the market a short time ago.

AgroCentre experts consulted on equipment from Einbock, a manufacturer of tilling machines.

At the Agrosalon, Einbock demonstrated its equipment on its own stand for the first time. Here on display were the Chopstar ERS 24 cultivator for inter-row cultivation of beets; the multifunctional pre-seeding Vibrostar 1210 cultivator, which showed superior performance in tilling soil for sugar beetroots; and Twister 600 disk cultivator for intense on-surface stubble treatment. Reliable and well tested weeding systems, such as the Aerostar 1200 and Pneumaticstar 1200 wide grip weeders were also on display.

�This is a unique place where modern farming machines are demonstrated, advanced ideas are promoted, and pressing issues are discussed,’ commented Martin Wagner, Einbock Sales Manager. �We were also pleased that visitors came not just to see modern machines, but really wishing to buy them.’

Lemken won two silver medals for its Crystal 9/600 K stubble cultivator (lift-up type, grip width 6 m) and Carat 9/500 KUA heavy duty cultivator (semi-lift-up type, grip width 5 m).

�The chief feature of the Crystal 9/600K cultivator is the original TriMix wing-type blades that assure high quality tilling in a single pass,’ says Vitali Petrov, LEMKEN-RUS Ltd. Director General. �The Carat 9/500 KUA cultivator is fitted with a rapid tool replacement system and a tiller tine which allows operation both at a small depth and at a depth of up to 30 cm. The hydraulic thrust amplifier saves fuel.’

As Vitali Petrov noted, the development of modern equipment and a proactive attitude to the buyer are Lemken’s work style.

In addition, a silver medal was awarded to the Kverneland DG12 seeder.

�This is a seeder for traditional and mulched seeding,’ says Peter Penner, Kvernela’s CIS Product Manager. �This is a highly productive machine with an operating speed of 12-15 km/h and unique double-disk coulters. The seeder has a large volume bin (6,000 litres). It is very convenient to adjust and operate. The seeder has just appeared on the Russian market. We hope that it will take the place it deserves there.

Introduction of precise tilling technology is the trend of the current season. In this segment, AgroCentre presented a new system of precise tilling and agricultural machine control, the NivaControl (manufactured by Hansenhof Electronic, Germany).

�The system maximises the usability and efficiency of agricultural machines. At the same time it reduces labour input and spending on fuel, seeds and fertilisers, thus minimising production costs and improving the agricultural product quality,’ says Denis Dudkin, GPS navigation expert of AgroCentreLiski. �One of its merits is multirole capability. NivaControl helps to determine precisely the field area, as well as to monitor the crop yield and the rate of seed-out and fertiliser introduction.’