AGCO: pondering the present, looking ahead

For the first time in Russia, AGCO Machinery held an international presentation of its Challenger farming machines. Over 500 guests were invited to the Tula region for the celebrations. Among them were Challenger dealers and key customers, including AgroCentre.

AGCO has been operating actively in Russia since 2006. During this time, a large dealer network has been created, supplying farmers with a complete range of agricultural equipment.

“Russia has huge land reserves which can be used for successful farming,” says Aleksandr Belov, Director General of AGCO Machinery in Russia. “As the leading global manufacturer of farming equipment, we must establish ourselves here. Today, ever more farmers are using new technologies and updating their operational inventory. That is why there is a growing need for virtually every one of our products. The AGCO list contains equipment to fill all possible needs. However, we are enlarging our product range and offering new models of agricultural machines.”

The Challenger lineup offered to the guests was quite impressive. This included tracked and wheeled tractors, grain combine harvesters, self-propelled sprinklers, seeding systems, fodder preparation equipment and soil treatment units. In all, 40 samples of machinery were presented. The RoGator 1194 sprinkler and the upgraded MT600D wheeled tractor made their debut of the season here.

“For the first time, farmers were introduced to the improved Challenger MT685D 370 hp tractor built specifically for Russian farmers to meet their wishes and recommendations,” says Aleksey Gushchin, Regional Manager of AGCO Machinery LLC. “The changes have increased the machine's efficiency, improved its operational control in the field and enhanced operator comfort.”

The new MT685D model is fitted with a reinforced front axle for heavy duty tasks. The 3rd generation Common Rail fuel system includes a new pump, nozzles and a fuel rail which delivers pressure of up to 1800 bar. Changes were also made in the cabin “filling.” For the operator's convenience, fitted on the right side are an updated dashboard and an improved control joystick.

The new RoGator 1194 self-propelled sprinkler is equipped with a powerful Caterpillar C-7 (275 hp) engine, 4,240-litre fuel tank, and a 36.5-metre bar fitted with the AutoBoom automatic height adjustment system. This brings into play bar balance control in work on uneven fields. Combined with a pneumatic suspension and a flexible frame, the improved drive system ensures quick acquisition of the optimal operating speed.

At the exhibition, AGCO also displayed for the first time its fodder making equipment and pneumatic wide-row seeders.

Over 50 Company specialists from across the world gave consultations to Russian colleagues on each machine, showing it in operation and sharing their expertise and new knowledge. All of the guests could participate in test drives. To the stormy applause of the spectators, the operators of wheeled and tracked tractors took turns demonstrating the capabilities of the Challenger trailed implements, combine harvesters and sprinklers.

AGCO is making great plans. Work is underway to improve the fodder combine harvester. Next year, an agricultural equipment manufacturing facility is due to be opened in the Moscow region.

“Investments in Russian agricultural production are a guarantee of our enduring long-term relations,” notes Aleksandr Belov. “Geographical proximity to the buyer is essential for strengthening positions on the Russian market. It is really important for the farmers that Russian-assembled equipment will be subsidized.”

Aleksandr Belov believes that the progress of AGCO on the Russian market largely depends on its powerful dealer network that spreads from the South to Eastern Siberia.

“We supply Challenger equipment to farmers operating in eleven regions of Russia,” says Nikolay Ivanishchev, AgroCentre Holding LLC Director General. “Having our own maintenance centres enable us to promptly service agricultural machines and to supply our customers with spare parts in a timely manner.”

Summing up the Field Day, Nikolay Ivanishchev pointed out that AGCO has given farmers a unique opportunity to learn about the entire Challenger product range. The farmers assured themselves in practice that the machines fully meet the demands of the day, enhance efficiency and minimize spending.

AGCO Machinery is the world’s third largest manufacturer and seller of agricultural equipment. The company has 56 representative offices across the world and supplies equipment to more than 140 countries. This year, its turnover is forecast to be US$ 7 billion.