High-tech equipment, a prerequisite for modern production

The AgroCentre Company arranged for its customers a traditional trip to the JCB loader manufacturing plant in England. Russian farmers saw for themselves the assembly of "the yellow machines." In addition, during the trip the farmers familiarized themselves with foreign farming expertise.

English colleagues introduced the guests to the complete product range of loaders, from telescopic and front-end loaders to mini loaders. Moreover, they showed new products scheduled to be supplied to Russia next year. Among them was the JCB 550-80 loader, the most efficient of its kind. Its crane arm is 8 metres; the maximum lifting capacity is 5.5 tonnes. 
The participants of the trip were amazed by the scale and efficiency of production. The plant uses state-of-the-art equipment for laser-aided metal cutting, robotic machines and fully automatic assembly lines.

The farmers saw JCB loaders at work on the farm of the plant director Anthony Benford. His farm specialises in crop production and dairy and meat cattle breeding. Twelve men work on it. Their chief assistants are loaders. 
“It's good that before offering new models of equipment to farmers the JCB specialists test them on their own farms,” says Stanislav Yefimov, the economist of StasAgro LLC (Golyshmanovsky district, Tyumen region). “This enables us to detect and eliminate the weak points of the machines.” 
Oleg Barylo, a manager of the Sibirskiye Fermy LLC (Golyshmanovsky district, Tyumen region), couldn't take his eyes off the JCB equipment. On return home, he decided to acquire the JCB535-70 loader. 
“For us this is an optimum machine. Its 7 metre crane arm and 3.5 tonne lifting capacity are just what we need,” says Barylo. “This seems to be the best choice for our new animal farm which we plan to open next year.”