A HORSCH for every farmer!

Shortly before the busy farming season, the specialists of AgroCentreLiski together with the representatives of Horsch have held a seminar for the farmers of Lipetsk oblast. During the meeting, the experts gave an overview of the innovative advancements in sowing, tillage and farm machinery.

Specialists of AgroCentreLiski are not bewildered even with the complicated questions about the agricultural machinery, since they regularly improve their technical knowledge by taking in-company trainings.

Tame the tiger!

AgroCentre has held a demonstrational show of the Horsch Tiger 4MT cultivator on Novaya Zarya farm (Belgorod oblast). The locals were given a unique opportunity to tame the iron tiger.

Fully armed for the farming season

Machinery. Technology. Innovation. Science. Tyumen Agro 2019, a regional agricultural trade fair, has been held in Tyumen oblast. Shortly before the farming season, AgroCentreZakharovo showcased the most popular, reliable and efficient farm machinery.

From Paris with love

Expecting spring and new farming season, AgroCentre’s customers spent the last week of February in France. The company’s delegation took a walk around Paris, had a boat tour of the Seine River, got to see the famous Eiffel Tower, and most importantly, took part in SIMA 2019 International Agricultural Trade Show.

Icon of the Millennium

Bibendum or the Michelin Man — one of the world’s oldest trademarks, the beloved mascot of Michelin brand — has been named ‘Icon of the Millennium’. The prestigious award is the perfect birthday present, as Bibendum turns 120 this year.

Advanced staff training

A training session for the sales representatives of AgroCentreZakharovo has been held at the Tyumen branch of the company. The specialists from Chelyabinsk and Kurgan have also participated in the event.

Time to celebrate Kverneland Group’s 140 year anniversary

2019 marks the year of Kverneland past and the future: the company, which is one of the world’s oldest producers of agricultural machinery, is proud to announce 140 years of existence, collaborations and loyalty from the customers, dealers, importers, employees and suppliers. It is because of these relationships that Kverneland has grown into becoming one of the key players in the Agricultural Implement Industry.

AgroCentre: a balanced take-off

It is the first time that AgroCentre has taken part in the twentieth agricultural trade show Golden Autumn 2018 held in late October in Tomsk.

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