They have the right answers!

Specialists of AgroCentreLiski are not bewildered even with the complicated questions about the agricultural machinery, since they regularly improve their technical knowledge by taking in-company trainings.

On 12 March, twenty employees of AgroCentreLiski attended one of such trainings at the dealership centre in Lipetsk oblast. The intensive workshop focused on the Amity Technology, Wil-Rich and Wishek farm machinery.

Sales representatives of AgroCentreLiski had an opportunity to learn more about the Wil-Rich and Wishek seeding and tillage machines and the Amity Technology sugar beet equipment line. Since 2011, the seeding and tillage machines under these brands have been produced by AGCO, a reputable and well-known company among Russian farmers.

‘Our specialists have to be qualified enough to answer all the clients’ questions about the machinery brands that AgroCentreLiski dealership represents’, says Nikolay Kunitsin, Sales Manager of AgroCentreLiski. ‘The proficiency of our specialists should meet or even exceed our clients’ expectations. It motivates us to organise systematic in-company training sessions for our employees.’

The participants of the training had excelled in learning the theory and successfully passed the final test. All the specialists of AgroCentreLiski acquired a bundle of knowledge and received well-earned certificates.