Brilliant innovations for farmers

How to prepare for the sowing campaign properly and be able to work even in extreme conditions? Year by year, technical innovations show even more brilliance and make for a breakthrough in agriculture.

The manager of Yaroslavl branch Viktor Ovchinnikov shared his experience and gave farmers some advice. The Farming Sector and Consumer Market Department of Yaroslavl oblast hosted a regional seminar on the factors influencing the quality and timely sowing campaign in 2019. AgroCentre had a chance to demonstrate machinery which helps to achieve all the operating objectives.

‘Kverneland, a leading supplier of innovative farm machinery and services, has developed a new generation of pneumatic seed drills which serve to render professional assistance to farmers’, relates Viktor Ovchinnikov. ‘For example, the Kverneland ts-drill is ready to operate even in extreme conditions, so humid soil or high crop residues will not be an issue. The intelligent arrangement of the seeding tines over five rows allows the ts-drill to place the seeds accurately into the seedbed. I strongly recommend that Russian farmers turn their attention to this model. The Kverneland ts-drill has high performance and a relatively low purchase price, which makes it a real alternative among crop establishment systems.’

The latest Kverneland DG II seed drill with working widths of 9 or 12 metres offers perfect seeding technology and is suited for large crop acreage. The seed drill has a robust and manoeuvrable construction with wide low-pressure wheels and a transport speed of up to 40 km/h.

‘The new version of the DG seed drill is ideally suited for today's large farmers’, continues Viktor Ovchinnikov. ‘It is fitted with all the necessary roller feeds and is designed for cereals and pulses. The 12.5-cm spacing between the coulters is suitable even for the smallest seeds.’

Besides, AgroCentre offers the Kverneland u-drill seed drill combination. It is a trailed version with working widths of 3-4 metres which has a rigid frame and a 6-m folding frame to carry out seedbed preparation, levelling, reconsolidation, seeding and pressing in one pass. The u-drill is ready for high speed operation (10-18 km/h) whilst ensuring a perfect seed placement.

The Massey Ferguson 6713 tractor is also to be updated soon.

‘AGCO-RM is going to supply the Massey Ferguson 6713 tractor with an extended package in late April’, shares the news Viktor Ovchinnikov. ‘In addition to the standard options, a pump with an increased capacity of 98 l/min will be installed, as well as an open-centre system enabling the process of constant oil flow in the hydraulics. There will appear a creeper gear and one more hydraulic valve which will make it possible to connect optional equipment fitted with hydraulics.’