Efficient solutions for Penza farmers

The annual celebration called Field Day has taken place In Timiryazevo village (Bashmakovo district, Penza oblast). Over 20 enterprises participated in the exposition of cutting-edge agricultural machinery, discussed the most essential production issues and solutions to them with the partners and guests.

Penza branch of AgroCentreZakharovo introduced a novelty in fertilizing to the farmers — the Güstrower GFI injection machine of German origin. It applies liquid fertilisers to the roots, thus enabling maximally efficient crop vegetation.

‘As we know, due to washing out or weathering the efficiency loss may amount to 80% when applying fertilisers superficially’, says Ali Umarov, Manager of Penza branch of AgroCentreZakharovo. ‘This machine can eventually solve the problem. Every injection wheel is fitted with 12 hard-alloy spokes. Liquid fertiliser is injected 6 cm into the ground with a pressure of 1.5-6 bar. This depot feeds the plant directly over the roots, which develops the depot growth conformation throughout the entire growth period.

The prolonged injection technology is patented, it is possible to adjust the spacing between wheel rows. The distance between the injection points is 13 centimetres.

‘Fertiliser application rates range from 50 to 3000 litres per hectare because of the computerized dosing adjustment, while competitors can only offer rates varying from 150 to 1800 litres’, adds Ali Umarov. ‘The injector is equipped with its own speed sensor which reacts to speed changes and ensures an even application.’

The working width of the Güstrower GFI can vary from 3 to 27 metres. The machine is fitted with ISOBUS with the SMART FARMING system and it works with prescription maps extremely precisely. When changing a fertiliser or placing the vehicle into storage, complete cleaning is performed quickly due to its own blowout system.

The Güstrower GFI is used for growing grains (until the booting stage), grasses, vegetables, sunflowers, beets, corn and other tilled crops. The payback period is about two years (or 8,000 hectares).

The guests also got interested in the Zaffrani Sunflow header designed specifically to speed up sunflower harvesting, while maximising the performance of any combine. More versatile, lighter, and more efficient compared to other marketed harvesting systems, the sunflower header guarantees greater productivity and lower maintenance costs. The features of the header allow the harvest of all flower heads. This way, harvest is clean also at a minimum height from the ground (in the presence of lodged sunflowers).

‘AgroCentre is at its best, as always’, comments Ivan Lomovtsev, Director of Zarya LLC (Narovchat district, Penza oblast). ‘Our enterprise cultivates winter and spring wheat, barley, sunflowers, peas, buckwheat, flax on the territory of 3,000 hectares. Currently we are interested in purchasing an efficient and reliable drill. We are especially grateful for having a chance to communicate with the Horsch representatives at the AgroCentre’s booth. Together we took a closer look at the Pronto 12NT disc seed drill, got comprehensive answers to all our questions and received an invitation to visit the manufacturer’s plant in Russia. Looking forward to seeing you all again!’