Efficient devices for Siberian farmers

Kuzbass Field Day 2019, a trade show of agricultural machinery and technologies, has taken place in Zarubino village (Topki district, Kemerovo region). AgroCentreZakharovo participated in the exposition and featured reliable, cutting-edge, efficient equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers to the invited guests and partners. The exponents presented tractors produced by Massey Ferguson, Fendt, trailed accessories by Kverneland and soil cultivators by Horsch.

As the event showed, the Massey Ferguson 6713 tractor maintains stronghold on the market due to its features.

‘The machine has been favoured by Siberian farmers for a long time, now it is available with an upgraded 4-cylinder AGCO Power engine (4.4 L, 130 hp)’, says Maksim Gruzin, Sales Representative at Novosibirsk branch of AgroCentreZakharovo. ‘The unit is fitted with the Common Rail digital fuel system and a centrifugal compressor. It is economical and what’s more – the maximum torque can be reached even at the low crankshaft speed. Apart from lowered fuel consumption and wear, the noise level is also decreased which makes the operator’s work even more comfortable.’

The Massey Ferguson 6713 is equipped with a synchronised transmission with 12 forward and 12 reverse gear speeds. The tractor can speed up to 40 kmph and is efficient for performing a broad range of tasks.

Among innovations from the German company Horsch, the Tiger 4MT cultivator was presented to the visitors.

‘It is a combination of a subsoiler and a disc harrow for cultivating derelict land’, relates Maksim Gruzin. ‘Due to its hemispherical serrated discs, the machine is a perfect choice for cutting the harvest residues, it can even handle young trees. Loosening is possible at depths up to 35 centimetres in all types of soil.’

The Horsch Tiger 4MT is optimal for cultivating stubble of sunflowers and corn, returning into rotation fields with perennial grasses and lodged cereal crops. The unit is aggregated with tractors ranging from 350 hp and more.

The Siberians were also familiarised with the Kverneland ixTrack A28 trailed sprayer. It gained a reputation of a flawless device handy for most regional farmers because of its simplicity and reliability. The light and sturdy HSS 18-36 boom is made of Domex special hardened steel. This model has a tank volume of 2,800 litres and is fitted with a high-pressure agitation system with injection nozzles which keeps the mixture homogeneous during operation. The HydroFlex drawbar suspension system with rubber shock absorbers protects the machine during high speed spraying and transporting.

‘At Kuzbass Field Day I have learned a lot of interesting things, also I have aimed for expanding my fleet’, says Evgeny Torgunakov, Director of Oktyabrsky farming enterprise (Topki district, Kemorovo region). ‘Our enterprise is engaged in livestock breeding and crop farming, we possess 5,000 hectares. At the moment we are searching for a reliable versatile tractor. I could take a closer look at the Massey Ferguson 6713 and sit for a while in the cabin. It is a perfect machine for any farm!’

Two days of the regional agricultural trade show flew by – the days full of exciting communication and experience exchange. The most important thing is that farms noticeably develop through such events arming themselves with new machinery and achieving new heights in their production.