Jubilee celebration!

Kverneland, one of the world’s oldest producers of agricultural machinery, is celebrating 140th anniversary this year. The company has planned a lot of big events to mark its jubilee. One of them — Kverneland Field Day — has become known all over the Black Soil Region.

The company history dates back to 1879 when the founder, Ole Gabriel Kverneland, built a small forge in the village of Kverneland in Norway and started manufacturing scythes, which later on developed into the production of small ploughs for horses. Today, impressive 140 years later, Kverneland has grown into a leading supplier of innovative agricultural machinery with the most impressive range of tillage equipment in the world.

On 6th June, Kvernland held an anniversary celebration on its premises in Lipetsk. The company invited more than 300 clients from different parts of Russia, dealer's representatives and, of course, AgroCentre — one of the major Kverneland partners — was there.

'AgroCentre was among the first dealers of Kverneland in Russia', says Nikolay Kunitsyn, AgroCentreLiski Sales Director. 'Besides producing robust, efficient and high-performing machinery, this company is famous for continuous innovations. All machines produced under Kverneland brand are easy to maintain, which makes them really attractive for Russian farmers.’

The organisers of the celebration event showcased the agricultural machinery by Kverneland and Great Plains. The latter one was integrated into Kverneland Group a few years ago.

The anniversary celebration started with an air show, which was a pleasant surprise for all those attending. A parachute team of ten put on a spectacular aerial display and then glided to the performance venue, getting a great cheer from the spectators. Five minutes later the ground show began. More than 30 trailed machines, including the latest Kverneland innovative implements, took part in the machinery parade.

The iXtrack T3 is the new trailed sprayer from Kverneland. It appeared on the Russian agricultural market not so long ago, but has already become an eye-catcher for many farmers. The iXtrack T3 series is ISOBUS compatible, which means adaptability to any certified tractor terminal. The HSA aluminium or HSS steel spray booms vary from 18 to 40 metres. They fold away over the new tank design and far away from the tractor cab, keeping the centre of gravity low during transportation. The flexible and durable central frame beam is beneficial for easy headland turning, higher working speeds, safe transport and easy parking on the yard.

'We have already held a training session for our specialists on this particular Kverneland model', continues Nikolay Kunitsyn. 'The previous series of this trailed sprayer was popular with the farmers and soon we are going to offer our clients the new updated model iXtrack T3.'

The Kverneland 53100 MT Vario mower appeared on the demo-field coupled with the Massey Ferguson 7620, the tractor provided for the show by AgroCentre. The new Kverneland 53100 MT was designed for more productivity and to handle tougher conditions than ever. The mower is fitted with the new Kverneland suspension concept called QuattroLink. The four suspension arms provide the mowing unit with an exceptional flexibility in adapting to demanding ground contours delivering higher speed and more productivity.

Next, the professional farmers were impressed by the mounted reversible plough LD 100. The model features Vibromat system, which has an inbuilt shock absorber system eliminating vibrations during ploughing. The system works efficiently even in the harshest of conditions, the plough and the tractor are protected from excessive wear and the operator feels greater comfort.

'There are approximately 40 units of Kverneland at our enterprise', says Oleg Lepsheyev, Chief Engineer of Mosneftegazstroykomplekt (Kursk oblast). 'Since we are engaged in sugar production, reliable and efficient machinery is indispensable for us. Besides, we appreciate the favourable finance terms for buying Kverneland machinery, made available thanks to AgroCentre. I am impressed with the demo-show, and we will probably consider buying some of the presented models.’

To crown the day, the guests could enjoy a firework display and a festive dinner, where they had an opportunity to share their farming experience and impressions about the celebration in an informal setting.