Yellow and black livery is always trendy!

Agriculture, like any other industry, has its own trendsetters. Some brands were on trend in the past, others are in demand in the present, but only a few manage to stay on top forever. Within its 73-year history, the machinery producer JCB has proven to be a top-dog in the farm equipment market.

The JCB 535-95 is one of the prominent representatives of the trademark yellow and black machines. This JCB model has been working at Suslov farming enterprise (Kurgan oblast) for three years, and the machine never fails to amaze the farmers with its performance.

'We bought the JCB 535-95 from AgroCentreZakharovo in 2017', says Sergey Suslov, Head of Suslov Farming Enterprise (Kurgan oblast). 'We did not spend much time choosing the proper machine, since we had already heard a lot about the the good quality of the JCB 535-95 from our colleagues.'

The telehandler is designed to work in the most hostile environments. The JCB Dieselmax 100hp engine delivers high torque at low speeds ensuring longer engine life. The JCB engine combines with JCB axles and transmission to ensure a reliable drivetrain performance from well-proven components. The maximum lift height is 9.5 metres and maximum lift capacity is 3.5 tonnes.

'The telehandler is never idle, every day we use it on the farm', continues Sergey Suslov. 'It loads and unloads grain, fertilisers, moves different workloads and even cleans the roads on the farm in winter.'

The most characteristic feature of the JCB 535-95 is its chassis, which is designed for maximum loadbearing and stability on any terrain. The machine is 4-wheel drive, which makes the telehandler extremely manoeuvrable. Compact size, improved steering column, excellent all-round visibility also enhance manoeuvrability.

'We are very comfortable with the JCB 535-95', summarises Sergey Suslov. 'The telehandler demands minimal maintenance, you cannot see it in the auto repair shop. Also, it is reliable, efficient, manoeuvrable, has low fuel consumption and, the most important thing, it outperforms its predecessors on our farm. Giving feedback on the purchase, I can say we are happy with the choice of a JCB telehandler and AgroCentreZakharovo as our dealer.'