Wondrous machinery in Omsk

AgroCentre has taken part in AgroOmsk 2019, the 17th Siberian trade show of agricultural machinery.

At the event, AgroCentre showcased the Massey Ferguson 8737, a sturdy tractor for farming duties. The machine is among flagships of the famous manufacturer, it has a powerful engine and outstanding traction properties. The Massey Ferguson 6713 tractor is on a par with its sibling, being distinguished by its performance, reliability and cost-efficiency.

‘Various implements can be optionally mounted on the MF 6713’, says Ivan Kryuk, Head of Omsk branch of AgroCentre, ‘thus making it a versatile machine responsive for the needs of both agricultural and public utility sectors’.

The Kverneland FastBale round baler was presented at Omsk Field Day for the first time, and it aroused high interest among farmers and people opting for convenience in field work.

‘This is a new non-stop round baler with a fixed chamber’, continues Ivan Kryuk. ‘The Kverneland FastBale is a round baler and a high-speed wrapper two-in-one. The performance ranges from 60 up to 100 bales per hour.’

What is important is that the FastBale operates in automatic mode, which increases its productivity, decreases the engine and transmission wear. The on-board computer controls all the functions, the only thing the operator has to do is to monitor the process.

‘We had a demo-show of the Kverneland round baler at Znamya farming enterprise located in Orlovka village, Maryanovka district, Omsk oblast’, relates Ivan Kryuk. ‘We were pleasantly surprised at the capabilities of that machine.’

Znamya is engaged in beef and dairy farming, it keeps 1,380 milking cows and cultivates 10,000 hectares of farmland.

‘We could witness the speed at which the Kverneland round baler functions’, says Dmitriy Vasilik, Deputy Director of Znamya. ‘The FastBale presses and wraps in the film 1 bale per minute. That is a perfect result! And the baling quality is really high. There is no air in the bales, which means that hay and haylage will not perish during storage.’