A reliable all-rounder

AgroCentreZakharovo’s specialists have demonstrated the JCB 531-70 telehandler at the premises of Biyskoye unitary state farming enterprise.

It is one of the largest agricultural companies in Biysk district, Altai area, with the land bank exceeding 15,500 hectares and milking herd amounting to 2,500 head. Biyskoye is engaged in growing cereals and forage crops, cattle breeding, beef and dairy production. The enterprise has long been in need of a highly efficient telehandler.

‘During the demonstration, we decided to show how the machine handles hay making in the first place’, says Sergey Kuznetsov, Sales Representative of AgroCentreZakharovo. ‘The JCB 531-70 loaded bales in the fields and then stacked them up at the storage facility impressing the farmers with its speed and manoeuverability. Driving the JCB telehandler after its Russian counterpart made the operator feel the difference between them and appreciate comfort and convenience of the foreign machine.’

At the height of the harvesting campaign, the lengthy work in the JCB 531-70 turns from an exhaustive duty into a pleasant activity. This very model is considered to be the most popular with Russian consumers since it has a host of undeniable advantages. The machine is equipped with an automatic gear box, a comfortable and safe cab, besides, its lift height is seven metres. What is more important is that the JCB 531-70 features components with an extended service life. The model was designed with a focus on the capability to run non-stop as long as possible.

After the demo show, the enterprise decided to acquire the machine. A reliable all-rounder like this always comes in handy!