Horsch as good as Porsсhe

The annual demo shows of farm machinery held by AgroCentre have become a part of the company’s brand image. For farmers, they are perfect opportunities to see the vehicles in operation, pose exceptional challenges and look at the way they respond to them. This year, the Horsch Tiger 4 MT cultivators have been out in the Russian fields for the first time.

The Horsch Tiger cultivator product range comprises six machines with a working width from three to seven and a half metres. The 4-meter Tiger 4 MT was chosen to undergo the field testing.

‘Tiger cultivators are reliable machines for intensive soil tillage’, says Oleg Pireyev, Head of AgroCentreLiski branch office in Bryansk. ‘It is a combination of a heavy disk harrow and a cultivator. Two rows of TerraGrip tines with hydraulic overload protection and 45 cm tine spacing together with the MulchMix points ensure soil loosening up to 35 cm deep.’

The Horsch Tiger 4 MT cultivator is additionally equipped with a hopper for simultaneous application of fertilisers. This specific feature saves the farmer the costs of a spreader.

The Tiger 4 MT performed exceptionally well in the fields of Veles agricultural enterprise in Bryansk oblast.

‘A Horsch is as good as Porsсhe!’, exclaims Vladimir Matviyenko, Director General of Veles agricultural enterprise, Bryansk oblast. ‘At the demo show, it has done excellent primary soil cultivation of land after soya and rape. The conditions were challenging. The soil was hard and over-compacted. The cultivator was coupled to a 320 hp tractor. It operated at a speed of 11 km/h. We wanted to check whether the machine would cope with the task of fully eliminating the harvest residue. AgroCentre engineers promptly mounted the arrow tines on the machine tines and the Tiger 4 MT headed for the field! The 25 cm deep tillage was done with flying colours! The cultivator loosens, disks and presses soil marvellously making the job of several machines at a time. Sowing can be done right after the first run of the Tiger 4 MT cultivator, which means that no other machinery or extra passes are necessary. Without hesitation, we purchased the cultivator for our farm.’

The fields of Tambov oblast also featured the Tiger 4 MT cultivator.

‘The Tiger 4 MT has impressed us with its performance’, says Dmitry Petrov, Chief Engineer at Pobeda farm, Tambov oblast. ‘The cultivator set an exceptional example of soil tillage after corn and soybean harvesting. Immaculate incorporation of crop residue, consistent depth up to 25 cm, excellent levelling, speed of operation of 11 km/h are some irrefutable advantages of the Tiger 4 MT. The cultivator runs smoothly even on our sandy soil. After the demo show, we could not part with the machine! Now we have a reliable farm hand!’