On full alert!

This year at Agritechnica Trade Fair, Horsch is presenting a 2020 novelty — the double knife roller Cultro TС. The implement is designed for cutting rape, sunflower, maize stubble and digging green manure crops into the soil.

The Cultro TС roller is on full alert to fight the toughest crop remains.

‘The special design and the small diameter of the rollers of the Cultro TС ensure a high number of revolutions of the roller body with the knives for intensive crushing of organic material’, says Pavel Ageyev, Horsh Regional Representative. ‘Every roller has six knives, which are arranged crosswise. This design feature gives the best crushing results even with the most difficult-to-handle crop residue.’

The Cultro TС roller is available in two versions: a 3-meter mounted implement and a trailed model with a working width of 12 metres. Both of them have a wide range of applications as a single unit or as an attachment. The roller can be coupled to tractors up to 200 hp. The operating speed in this case can reach 20 km/h.

If crop residue needs to be distributed on the ground surface, the Cultro TC can be used in combination with a soil packer or a grass harrow. For seedbed preparation, the implement can be additionally equipped with a Crossbar in front of the knives.