Affectionate farming

The phrase has been the motto of the German company “Horsсh” for 35 years as well as the expression of the life philosophy of its founder, farmer Michael Horsch. Joined by the farmers from the Central Black Soil Region, AgroCentre specialists went to the company’s manufacturing facilities in Germany to see how the Horsch family, farmers and engineers rolled into one, make machinery.

In the 80s of the 20th century, having designed his first machine in his father’s blacksmith’s shop, Michael Horsch embarked on the direct drilling method. Today, the company, which is engaged in production of farm machinery for conservation tillage, is considered to be the leader of ploughless farming.

The farmers visited two company’s enterprises where the planting and tillage machines are assembled along with the self-propelled and trailed sprayers. They explored how the production process is organised and visited the storage facilities.

The guests saw top-of-the-range world-renowned machine models. A wide range of the revered Horsch Tiger cultivator models were also on display. The 2020 novelties triggered the most vivid interest of the farmers. The manufacturers presented the new 8-meter Maestro 8 DV planter with a single disk coulter for fertiliser application. The machine is designed to be a perfect fit for small farms. A new transforming cultivator with an enhanced frame and replaceable components is undergoing tests currently.

‘We have supplied Horsch machinery to farmers for two years now’, says Sergey Lomantsov, Executive Director of AgroCentreLiski. ‘During this period, farmers have voiced no serious complaints against it. High quality and reliability of Horsch products deserve deep admiration. The important thing is that the machines are tested in the company’s own fields. It is here that new technologies are introduced, prototypes are tested, data is collected and analysed daily to improve the manufacturing process.’

The specialists visited Horsch’s Agrovation farm in the Czech Republic. The facility is a proving ground. Here, every piece of machinery is put through vigorous testing at all the stages, from prototype to mass production.

‘I like their approach to farming and the way the whole process is organised at Horsсh’, says Sergey Belousov, Director General of agricultural enterprise “Zhupikov”, Tambov oblast. ‘We share common views with the Horsch company specialists on various issues of crop production, soil cultivation, plant protection. I love the fact that they are constantly searching for new technical solutions and develop unparalleled machinery.’