Better feed – higher milk yield!

Tyumen branch office of AgroCentreZakharovo has held a demo show of JCB 434S wheel loader for silage clamping. The performance of the machine greatly impressed the farmers.

Heavy-duty axles, limited slip differentials, automatic 6-speed transmission, arm with an increased lift height, hydraulic distributor on 3 sections, shovel dump system, reverse fan, industrial quickly removable carriage, 890 kg counterweight are the key advantages of the model. Cabin tinted glass windows, air suspension seat, air conditioning and excellent noise insulation guarantee operator comfort. The driver can easily programme and limit out-loading height and the return-to-dig height for lifting and lowering of the attachment at full speed.

‘It makes a world of difference compared with the machines I’ve operated before,’ says Valery Reshetnikov, the machine operator. ‘The wheel loader is simple and convenient to use, cab visibility is really good. The fork design allows for easy control and even distribution of the material along the silage trench in portions.’

The farmers own about 1800 head of dairy cows. One of the main objectives for them is to increase milk yield. Uspenskoye farm management is certain that the JCB 434S will help achieve it, as it ensures homogeneity and high density of clamping, which in turn enhances stored feed quality and increases its intake, reducing disease rate among the animals.

The swift and efficient operation of the JCB 434S at the demonstration show is obviously attributable to the best-in-class power-to-weight ratio. The speed of the cut green mass supply was not less than 80 tonnes per hour! Silage clamping density and homogeneity complied with the State Standard 10 201-97.

Uspenskoye farming enterprise aims to use the wheel loader for flattening of the material in a thin layer, its placement to haylage and silage trenches and clamping. The off-season activities for the machine involve taking out haylage, loading grain, fertilisers and organic matter, construction and snow removal.