JCB runs rings around other machines

The JCB 434S is rapidly gaining popularity in Russia, and Tyumen oblast is no exception here. Five JCB 434 loaders are already operating in the region, and a few farms are planning to purchase this particular model.

‘The JCB 434S wheel loader is built to prepare succulent fodder’, says Ivan Potanin, Head of Tyumen branch of AgroCentreZakharovo. ‘Thanks to the unique design features — automatic transmission, cross-axle differential locks, low centre of gravity, powerful engine, high-performance hydraulic system and well-balanced axle load distribution — the machine can easily lift, evenly distribute and compact mown green mass. On top of that, the all-rounder handles 80 tonnes of material per hour just at the touch of a button.’

The grating configuration of the grass forks and first-class visibility enable the operator to control the loading process, which ensures the greatest uniformity of the silage to be distributed and loaded. Besides, the option allowing to fold the forks makes it possible to properly tamp down the edges of pits and clamps, which in turn minimises farmers’ losses on the spoilage of feed during storage and removal.

The JCB 434S is a quintessential wheel loader. It is indispensable for any task on a farm, at a threshing barn and even on a construction site. JCB offers an extensive range of optional attachments — shovels, detachable grabs, high back bale spike, grain pushers, hydraulic drills and breakers, log grapples, etc. — in other words, everything to meet any customer needs. In order to change an attachment, the operator does not have to leave the cab as the loader comes equipped as standard with an automatic hydraulic lock.

Moreover, the operator won’t even feel like getting out of the cab as it can boast a low-noise environment, seat mounted controls with the seat suspension, an adjustable steering column, air conditioning and automatic climate control and many other options.

The JCB 434 always gets a big tick for everything. Uspenskoye farming enterprise located in Tyumen oblast has tested the machine, so to say, up to the hilt.

‘For a long while, we had been looking for a powerful wheel loader for forage harvesting’, says Valeriy Zakharenko, Deputy Director of the farm. ‘We gave a try to several models, but I wish their operation hadn’t been so slow and low -quality. AgroCentreZakharovo suggested putting the JCB 434 to demonstration tests. At first, we were sceptical about this proposal, but later we agreed and never regretted it. From the outset, it became obvious that the specified characteristics do line up with reality. Earlier, we used to employ two or three Kirovets loaders to pile material, however, the JCB wheelie managed the task under its own steam. As far as the amount of the supplied green mass was increasing, two Kirovets joined in the activity. Even watching from the sidelines, we understood that the lion’s share of work was done by the JCB 434. When the clamp was full, we calculated the loaded material. The result made us amazed — earlier, our machinery used to put about 5,500 tonnes of material, while the loader under test — 8,000 tonnes, in the same place. Well, as you can guess it cleared up all the doubts we had. Now, I must say that the quality of feed has improved significantly. Apart from this, we’ve cut losses – we just save money by not throwing away the prepared feed as there is practically no mold and less losses on fodder at the clamp edges. Protein and acidity are of no concern to us. All the quality requirements for feed are met.’

The controls are ergonomically designed for comfortable and intuitive operation. All switches and control systems are laid out within arm’s reach.

The major hydraulics are operated with precision by a servo single-lever joystick. Setting height limitations for lifting a boom and a bucket enables the operator to programme the height of unloading and return to digging at full speed. The JCB electronic control system facilitates work by clearly showing the operator important information about the machine on the display.

In addition, JCB equips all its machines with the JCB LiveLink, an advanced monitoring system, which allows managers, engineers and service departments to remotely keep track of numerous performance parameters for five years! After this period, subscriptions are renewed without a hitch.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that there is a possibility of acquiring JCB machines through the concessional leasing programme JCB Finance. This is a unique tool that offers the lowest appreciation rates.