The Maestro – a master of seed singulation

Sales representatives of AgroCentre have attended a workshop on Horsch machinery.

Aleksandr Shevtsov, Horsch brand manager for Kursk and Belgorod oblasts, gave an overview of the machinery units.

‘The Horsch Maestro row-crop planters are designed for all types of single grain seeding, such as sugar beets, soybeans, maize and sunflower’, says Aleksandr Shevtsov. ‘A consistent seeding depth is reached via the automatic coulter pressure control system. A grain sensor is integrated into the fall tube to guarantee an optimum monitoring of the seeding performance.’

According to Aleksandr Shevtsov, the measuring technology of the sensor is able to count the kernels, to determine the spacings between them and thus also to transmit an information to the driver with regard to skips and doubles.

‘The Maestro SW seed drill is equipped with the unique AirVac single grain metering unit’, comments Sergey Dorofeyev, Sales Representative of Kursk branch of AgroCentreLiski, ‘at the heart of which is a metering disc of new type featuring open grooves on the outside, which – combined with the special shape of the scraper – enables the farmer to achieve exceptional accuracy of seed metering. Optimum travel speed for precise seed placement is 8-12 km/h.’

This year, Maestro 16 SW seed drills are going to show the precision they are capable of at a number of farming enterprises – among them Sosolopov and Rus – in Kursk oblast.