A visit to the heart of Horsch

A group of clients and employees of AgroCentre have visited the city of Schwandorf in Germany, home to Horsch manufacturing plant, where the machinery units are assembled.

Horsch specialists highlighted the most significant milestones in the history of the company. The farmers learned that it all started with a foil maize seed drill, which was Michael Horsch’s first development.

Interestingly, manual labour still prevails at the Horsch plant.

‘Every piece of equipment is assembled under strict human control’, says Aleksandr Logvinov, Executive Director of Kursk branch of AgroCentreLiski. ‘The specialists also told us about the holy of holies of the enterprise – design engineering department where the prototypes of new products are developed.’

The visitors were impressed by the fully automated spare parts warehouse. It is operated by a robotic stapler based on commands from dedicated software that is capable of finding any required part within a couple of minutes.

The next point on the group’s agenda was the visit to the Horsch test farm in the Czech Republic, where the equipment trials take place.

According to Vyacheslav Motin, Head of Motina farming enterprise (Shchigry district, Kursk oblast), the trip to Horsch plant was highly successful.

‘I particularly liked the well-run workflow management’, shares Vyacheslav Motin. ‘It is not for nothing that people say everything brilliant is simple. We had not used Horsch equipment at the enterprise before. Just after the trip, we purchased a universal Pronto seed drill. A good addition to our machinery fleet – just what I wanted to sow various crops. I have a good feeling about this year’s crop!’

The visit of the Horsch facilities was pleasant as well as informative. Moreover, a sightseeing tour, during which the group had a chance to look at the local landmarks, was the icing on the cake.