Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger

All of this is about Pronto seed drills manufactured by Horsch. Even emergence without skips and doubles is a hallmark of the series. No wonder the machines have become true favourites among Russian farmers.

The Pronto seed drills can be compared to real snipers. These models sow seeds with military precision. Cutting disks make furrows removing harvest residues and hard clods.

‘Four rubber shock absorbers built in each coulter enable a high pressure of up to 120 kg per coulter and make for an exceptionally smooth ride at high speed’, explains Sergey Dorofeev, Sales Representative of Kursk branch of AgroCentreLiski. ‘The press wheel at the coulter end allows the coulter to work at a more consistent sowing depth and ensures good seed-to-soil contact. It is directly linked to the proven design of the TurboDisc coulters boasting precise contour following as they can move freely within 15 сm.’

Pronto operates at a speed of 10-20 km/h. High manoeuvrability is achieved due to the compact configuration.

‘Thanks to the large-capacity seed and fertiliser hoppers, the machine makes minimum stops for loading’, says Sergey Dorofeev.

It is a pleasure to work on this seed drill. Fast coupling with a tractor and simple settings for the seed rate, drilling depth and coulter pressure — all of this allows the operator to easily switch to sowing another crop. Minimum maintenance time is another indisputable advantage.

‘Farmers value the Pronto seed drills for their robustness’, continues Sergey Dorofeev. ‘The TurboDisc double-disc coulters make for consistently high-quality seed placement even at the highest working speed.’