Horsch colour of life

Novosibirsk branch of AgroCentreZakharovo has supplied the first Horsch Leeb PT 330 self-propelled sprayer in Russia. Krutishinskoye farming enterprise located in Cherepanovo district, Novosibirsk oblast, became the lucky owner of the novelty.

Yakov Bakhman, Head of the farm, is very scrupulous about purchasing machinery. Only state-of-the-art technologies deserve to be chosen for effective operation.

‘I manage Krutishinskoye together with my brother, following in our father’s footsteps’, says the farmer. ‘We do know our work to the last detail as from childhood we learnt the ins and outs from machine operators right in the field. We grew up in this team and now we want to make life of every employee better. Today, powerful machinery and modern technologies are of great assistance to us.’

Yakov Bakhman has first come across the Horsch Leeb PT 330 self-propelled sprayer on a YouTube channel. The farmer shares he has a soft spot for scrutinising, choosing and comparing all the decent novelties of agricultural machinery that can be found on the Internet.

‘When I’m asked why I’ve opted for the Horsch Leeb PT 330, I always say that it’s extremely good-looking, I’ve just fallen in love with it’, continues the head of the enterprise laughing. ‘But all joking aside, there were quite many reasons for buying this particular model: the working width of the boom is up to 36 m, the capacity of the tank is 5,000 l, the clearance is adjustable from 140 to 160 cm. But, most importantly, this is Horsch! Their corporate philosophy — with love to land — really appeals to me. The company manufactures innovative farm machines of excellent quality with high value for farming.’

Horsch is far from being a newcomer to the market of self-propelled sprayers. In European countries, it has long been a leader in sales of agricultural machinery. AgroCentre became an official Horsch dealer just two years ago. However, quite many farmers have already taken fancy to the bright brand.

‘Horsch trailed sprayers successfully operate on the farms of our clients’, says Anton Bliznyuk, Head of Novosibirsk branch of AgroCentreZakharovo. ‘The Horsch Leeb PT 330 is the first self-propelled sprayer sold in Russia. This model can boast a number of unique solutions: hydraulically spring-loaded and damped parallelogram suspension of the boom, nozzle protection against wind and mechanical damages, an electro-hydraulic steering system with automatic centering of the rear axle and safety lockout on the road.’

The list of advantages goes on and on. The Horsch Leeb PT 330 is distinguished by the precise positioning of the boom. At high speed, it sprays at 30 cm above the soil or plants, which ensures good-quality and efficient working of the land. The self-propelled sprayer has an infinitely adjustable track width varying from 2.25 to 3 m. Its heart is the MTU (Mercedes) 6-cylinder 7.2 litre engine with 326 hp. Besides, the machine is fitted with the Trimble navigation system, the operating speed in the field can reach 60 km/h.

‘The Horsch plant has a complete manufacturing cycle of the sprayers: from designing new models to testing finished products’, continues Anton Bliznyuk. ‘Before putting a machine into production, it undergoes lots of tests, where special attention is paid to the modern agricultural technologies.’

It took the Krutishinskoye management quite a while to decide on the purchase — two years passed since Yakov Bakhman had seen the self-propelled sprayer on the Internet for the first time. However, his longing for the Horsch Leeb PT 330 stood the test of time – it did not disappear, it got just stronger.

‘I’ve visited the manufacturing plant in Germany and personally talked to the owner Michael Horsch’, says Yakov Bakhman. ‘He sticks to the very simple idea of using only the best for machinery assembly, for example, engines, pumps, hoses and navigation. All the spare parts and accessories are supplied by the various companies that have proven themselves in the market. Having examined the manufacturing process at the plant, I got convinced that the Horsch Leeb PT 330 is an advanced and high-quality sprayer, the one that I need!’

Being on the threshold of the next farming season, Krutishinskoye has great hopes for the self-propelled sprayer – increased work efficiency and ensured user-friendliness. On the farm, the Horsch Leeb PT 330 will replace its 4 domestic counterparts at once, pleasing the owner with the nice design and high performance. The red colour of the brand, which is often referred to as the colour of life, symbolises energy and strength.