Spreading the wings

Effective crop spraying and plant protection! AgroCentre has held a demo show of the new Massey Ferguson 9335 self-propelled sprayer in the fields of TradeAgroService company, Kursk oblast, Zolotukhino district. The weather was glorious – the sun was shining bright in the sky – just the right moment for spraying the plants, and thus the Massey Ferguson 9335 spread its wings in a rape field.

Machinery like this had not been used on the farm before. For many years, its specialists have operated trailed sprayers, and now it is the time for a change, they believe.

‘Many farmers already use self-propelled sprayers’, says Igor Shakhov, Head of TradeAgroService. ‘We are falling behind them and realise the need for a sprayer like the Massey Ferguson 9335 to adopt a more rational approach to farming. It is the future of the industry!’

Today, the enterprise farms over seven thousand hectares of land. Barley, wheat, soybeans, maize, sunflowers and rape – the crops which are in high demand in the agricultural market - are successfully grown in the fields of Zolotukhino district. According to specialists, the new Massey Ferguson 9335 sprayer will help to achieve a good yield thanks to uniform fertiliser and plant protection agent distribution.

‘The Massey Ferguson 9335 boasts a high 1.65 metre clearance’, says Aleksandr Logvinov, Head of Kursk branch of AgroCentreLiski, ‘which allows farmers to perform operations in any period of agricultural season. Even tall crops at a late stage of development can be sprayed.’

Operator Aleksandr Korobkov has worked on the farm for six years. He loves machinery and knows the fields of his motherland backwards and forwards. Seated comfortably in the cab of the new Massey Ferguson 9335, he is following the process on the monitor with confidence and is doing the job with sheer enthusiasm!

‘I’ve operated only trailed sprayers before’, shares the specialist, ‘there is an enormous difference between them and self-propelled sprayers! The Massey Ferguson 9335 is an excellent machine! All you need to do is set the necessary parameters. The sprayer finds the tramlines on its own and runs steadily along the field. We are going at a speed of 22 km/h, fertiliser consumption — 100 litres per 1 hectare. Look at the screen – the green colour denotes the areas where application has already been performed, while the colourless zones indicate the parts where the fertiliser has not been distributed yet.’

The unit has a boom stabilising system. The working width is 30 m. It is worth noting that the Massey Ferguson 9335 controls prevent the machine from spraying the same plot twice. It helps to save the crops and eliminates the factor of human error.

‘The Section Control function turns individual implement sections off to avoid overlapping on passes in the field and at headland turns’, continues Aleksandr Logvinov. ‘The Auto Guide 3000 assists the operator during the process. In-cab air filtration ensures high-comfort environment.’

The new Massey Ferguson 9335 self-propelled sprayer has conquered the hearts of the farmers and successfully finished application of a fertiliser in the rape field. Everybody on the farm is waiting for fine settled weather, anticipating a high yield and believing that the sun always breaks through the dark clouds.