Horsch Tiger in its natural habitat

These ‘felines’ started to appear in the Russian fields over ten years ago. First, local farmers found the Tigers exotic and treated them with caution, but as the time passed by, they got to know and trust the Tigers.

The Tiger 4MT cultivators by Horsch have proven to be ideal for processing corn and sunflower stubble, working fields with lodged crops and tall-stalked green manure. The machine successfully cultivates areas planted with rapeseed, cereals and catch crops as well as fallow and grass lands. The Tiger crushes large-stemmed crop residues, breaks down heavy clods and loosens soil to a depth of 35 cm.

The Tiger 4MT combines the features of a heavy disc harrow and a subsoiler. Its four-bar frame, 85 cm in height, ensures maximum flotation. The heavy, two-row DiscSystem with a large disc diameter of 68 cm reliably crumbles and incorporates harvest residues. The cultivator is equipped with two rows of TerraGrip tines and MulchMix coulters with a 45-cm spacing, which allows for deep loosening and intensive mixing of soil. The important adds-on are the single row disc system in front of the packer for levelling the working surface and the TopRing packer for optimum consolidation.

‘The Horsch Tiger 4MT can be used as a replacement for a plough’, says Vladimir Polozkov, Manager of the Lipetsk branch of AgroCentreLiski. ‘Essentially, this machine is designed as a hybrid of a cultivator and a heavy disc harrow. It can be compared to a universal soldier capable of various farming operations and suitable for our fields with different types of soil.’

The Tiger 4MT cultivator with non-folding wing sections comes with a middle chassis, a double Doppel-RollPack packer and the system of precise fertiliser application. Besides, an optional 2,550-litre hopper with targeted solid fertiliser placement is available for this machine. The system is based on the metering and pneumatic system of a HORSCH Pronto. This innovative solution can significantly increase the efficiency of fertiliser and reduce the cost of application, as it offers deep loosening with the simultaneous placement of phosphorus and potassium fertiliser for both pre-seeding and basic tillage instead of autumn plowing, which is an undeniable benefit for Russian farmers.

‘We first heard about the Horsch Tiger 4MT from our fellow farmers’, says Dzhandarbek Aduyev, Manager of AST agricultural holding, Lipetsk oblast. ‘They spoke well of the machine, and we contacted AgroCentre. The dealer’s sales representatives immediately went from words to actions and arranged a demo. We were really impressed by its performance. The daisy-shaped discs till the soil effectively and the price is quite affordable in comparison with other brands. All round, the Horsch Tiger 4MT is packed with benefits and we do need it on our farm.’