Powerful solution for the coming season

On March 11, AgroCentreLiski took part in VoronezhAgrocomplex 2021 annual exhibition presenting its flagship Massey Ferguson 8737S to agricultural producers.

Among Russian farmers, AGCO-Massey Ferguson tractors have gained an unrivalled reputation for power, reliability and versatility. The extensive line-up includes effective solutions for both small farms and large agricultural holdings.

Seamless operation in tandem with the largest seed drills, tillage implements and tank trailers is the major advantage of the Massey Ferguson 8737S. All the tractors manufactured by the company are fitted with the best-in-class Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission that is fairly easy to operate in different conditions. Dyna-VT works at maximum efficiency while maintaining a smooth drive quality – no jerks, wheel slip or intermittent traction. Besides, a power control lever allows for hassle-free forward/reverse shuttling and speed change.

‘The latest, 4-valve common rail AGCO POWER engine provides optimum power delivery with the benefit of a turbocharged intercooler. No doubt it has no equal in its class’, says Maksim Sidelnikov, Head of the Voronezh branch of AgroCentreLiski. ‘All Massey Ferguson 8700 Series tractors can boast new engines operating at a nominal speed of 2100 rpm. Such rotation reduces noise without affecting power and torque.’

A highly efficient cooling system ensures that the engine works to its maximum capacity regardless of the application. While a fully-vented bonnet helps the engine “breathe” even in dusty conditions, a large built-in air filter maintains cleanliness contributing to higher productivity and lower fuel consumption.

What is more, the Massey Ferguson 8737S comes equipped with an independent hydraulic system: the hydraulic oil tank is not connected to the transmission. This solution makes it possible to extend oil replacement intervals and prevent dirty oil from getting into the transmission. With a rear three-point linkage having a maximum lift capacity of 12 tonnes, there are a few tractors in this power range that can match the MF 8700 S series for the ability to work with heavy-duty implements. The machine can be also fitted with a fully-integrated 5-tonne front linkage with two double-acting hydraulic valves and a return line. In addition, a 205 l/min hydraulic pump and electro-hydraulic control valve sections allow for using a wide range of attached and trailed equipment.

Massey Ferguson combines state-of-the-art machinery with a whole new level of cab environment offering exceptional operator comfort. The thoughtfully designed cab of the Massey Ferguson 8737S has both first-rate ergonomics and intuitive controls.

‘In Voronezh oblast, the Massey Ferguson 8737S is quite popular with farmers’, concludes Maksim Sidelnikov. ‘Despite its power, the tractor is easy to maintain and service, so its technical inspection can be made by the machine operator. AGCO engineers have increased service intervals by 25% (up to 500 hours), which will significantly lower the costs of agricultural producers.’