Across Russian fields

On 28 June, AgroCentreLiski together with Horsch, a manufacturer of farming equipment, held a demo show of the Horsch Leeb 5.280 VL self-propelled sprayer. Lipetsk oblast became the second point on its ‘touring’ map where this model displayed its unlimited capabilities.

Horsch self-propelled sprayers are well-sought among Russian farmers. The very above-mentioned versatile machine is equipped with an FPT 6-cylinder 280 hp engine with a displacement of 6.7 litres. Its 5,000-litre tank can be filled up in a few minutes thanks to a centrifugal pump which is able to deliver a flow rate of 1,000 l/min.

What makes the Horsch Leeb 5.280 VL stand out from the rest is its independent pneumatic wheel suspension which provides smooth running in the field even when driving at a speed of up to 30 km/h. This all-rounder is suitable for caring for a vast range of different crops.

‘This self-propelled sprayer has a working width of 36 m’, says Sergey Lomantsov, Executive Director of AgroCentreLiski. ‘The operator can regulate the distance between the drawbar and the ground up to 2 metres directly from the cabin, and what’s more, the track width is adjustable well. It is worth mentioning that each drawbar has three special sensors enabling the clearance adjustment in accordance with the terrain. The minimal distance for applying solutions is 25 cm which is important for decreasing the spraying height. When the drawbar is too high, the sprayed droplets mostly do not make it to the plant and evaporate immediately – the Horsch Leeb reduces such risks.’

The drawbars are fitted with the AutoSelect pneumatic nozzles spaced 25 or 50 cm apart. The double nozzles function on a regular basis while single nozzles can be run following the operator settings, thus facilitating the even treatment of upper and lower leaf surfaces. The AutoSelect system makes it possible to find the right nozzle combination, working pressure and drawbar height for particular field conditions.

Quality cleaning of the entire system directly affects the future yield. Mixing different solutions is unacceptable, this is why the Horsch Leeb 5.280 VL is fitted with a 700-litre cleaning tank. The system can perform several cycles – on average, 3 cleaning cycles are enough for switching to other solutions.

‘Last year, we organised a similar ‘demo-tour’ of the Horsch Leeb 5.280 VL self-propelled sprayer’, concludes Sergey Lomantsov. ‘The results were nice as we supplied 12 units to our clients. Farmers want high productivity, that’s why the need for chemical treatment keeps rising. Trailed sprayers now give way to their self-propelled counterparts in terms of performance. This year, we are intending to sell 20 machines of the kind and the demo-tour should assist us in reaching this figure and become a useful event for our customers.’