Ideal machines to reap perfect harvest!

AgroCentre in conjunction with AGCO Corporation consistently offer unique and high-tech novelties to Russian farmers. Despite the difficult situation in the world, this year is no exception – the companies brought the stylish, powerful and economical Massey Ferguson IDEAL machines to the Russian fields.

Kemerovo, Penza, Krasnodar, Rostov, Saratov and Lipetsk oblasts are the regions where the cutting-edge Massey Ferguson IDEAL combine harvesters are already operating or about to start operation. Agrofirma Rus, Lipetsk oblast, became the first farming enterprise in the Black Soil region which AgroCentre supplied the new model to. This prompted AgroCentre to hold a demo show of the Massey Ferguson IDEAL 9 and other products manufactured by AGCO Corporation on the premises of Agrofirma Rus.

‘There are not so many manufacturers in the world which can supply machinery like this to the Russian market’, says Nikolay Ivanishchev, AgroCentre Group Director General. ‘The Massey Ferguson IDEAL 9 has a number of advantages, which will definitely make it highly sought-after by agricultural producers. Despite the complexity of the technologies used in this unparalleled machine, which AGCO Corporation designed from scratch, it is easy to use and maintain.’

The new Massey Ferguson IDEAL 9 instantly fascinates everyone by its style and unequalled design - it looks like a spacecraft with a cosmic interior from a different galaxy.

The Massey Ferguson IDEAL 9 is equipped with the 15.2-litre MAN engine delivering 647 hp. Fitted out with the biggest grain tank in the industry – 17,100 litres (18% bigger capacity than what competitors can offer) – it outputs grain at a speed of 210 litres per second, which is the best-in-class performance parameter.

‘The combine harvester is equipped with two 4.48-metre-long rotors’, points out Aleksandr Dovzhenko, Product Support Specialist at Massey Ferguson. ‘Their mechanism is gentler on the material, utilises 50% less power, while their operation is insensitive to varying crop conditions. For this reason, the rotors contribute to fuel efficiency without damaging grain and straw.’

The IDEALbalance system is a patented innovation from AGCO Corporation. A combination of two profiled under-rotor grain pans and the absence of other moveable parts make the vehicle more resistant to harvesting on slopes up to 15%. The grain mix is in the right position to flow to the separation pan. The output material is clean, and the efficiency is high no matter what the terrain contour is.

‘The DriveCenter drives the gearbox, chopper, header and threshing unit,’ continues Aleksandr Dovzhenko. ‘It is distinguished by fewer belts, chains and a simple design, which ensures little power and fuel consumption as well as low maintenance – around ten minutes before the start of the operation is enough. The AirSense cooling system automatically clears dust from the radiator during operation reducing time and costs of maintenance.’

AgroCentre invited over fifty agricultural producers from Lipetsk and Voronezh oblasts to the demo show of the new combine harvester. Nikolay Tagintsev, Deputy Governor of Lipetsk oblast, also attended the event. As a student, he did internships at agricultural enterprises, and did not miss an opportunity to reminisce about his student life testing the Massey Ferguson IDEAL 9.

‘At the university, we practiced in open-cab combine harvesters. Back then, such design provided the best air conditioning’, recalls Nikolay Tagintsev with a smile. ‘The cab of this new model is spacious and comfortable, the controls are on the right side. No matter what high technology is there in the machine, the yield also depends on the operator’s comfort. In one shift, the Massey Ferguson IDEAL 9 can cover around 1,000 ha. In the past, the conditions we worked in were not as good as they are now. I am glad that today in the Russian fields we have such state-of-the-art machinery.’

This season has been hard for Russian farmers – winter crops in many regions died while spring varieties did not unlock their full potential because of the drought. Even in these circumstances, the Massey Ferguson IDEAL 9 combine harvester achieved much higher efficiency than other units at Agrofirma Rus enterprise.

‘It harvests roughly 100 tonnes per hour,’ comments Vladimir Golikov, Head of Agrofirma Rus. ‘A big header, two rotors, excellent feed drum and distribution – the combine can be a substitute for the units with 7- and 8-metre-long headers. Even though we have relatively new combine harvesters on our farm, most probably we will replace them, and will buy one more Massey Ferguson IDEAL 9 next year. So far, we are the only enterprise in the oblast which has this simply perfect combine harvester, and we are happy to have business partners like AgroCentre. The dealer is heading in the right direction, that is why we are trying to follow their example.’

AgroCentre team counts on the new Massey Ferguson IDEAL and is planning to increase its sales territory.

‘Our specialists are fully skilled to maintain this complex equipment’, concludes Nikolay Ivanishchev. ‘Before the model was introduced to the Russian customers, AgroCentre’s service engineers had had a comprehensive training, and our storage facilites had been filled with spare parts. Our clients can be confident about the uninterruptible supply of all they need for their machinery and always rely on AgroCentre’s 24/7 support team.’

Besides the demo show, AgroCentre and AGCO Corporation presented to the agricultural producers the self-propelled Massey Ferguson 8737, Massey Ferguson 7722S, Massey Ferguson 7715, Massey Ferguson 6713, Massey Ferguson 7718. The dealer demonstrated the operation of the Massey Ferguson round baler 4160 V Xtra, as well as the Massey Ferguson DM 8312 TL-RC and Massey Ferguson DM 316 FQ-RC disc mowers – indispensable helpers for livestock farmers.

All Massey Ferguson machines are gamechangers in the industry delivering supreme efficiency. The special features and benefits of the broad line-up add up to low cost of ownership and optimum yield, which means that the clients’ investment will quickly pay off.