KRONE – AgroCentre’s new partner

AgroCentre has signed a partnership agreement with KRONE, a German hay and forage equipment manufacturer. In the near future, the first units will be delivered to the dealerships in Chelyabinsk, Kurgan, Tyumen oblasts and Krasnoyarsk area.

Superior quality of products, enormous scope for innovation, the attitude to the job they do and their understanding of clients’ needs provide the basis for the success of Maschinenfabrik Bernard KRONE GmbH & Co. KG. The family business was established one hundred and fifteen years ago in 1906, when Bernard Krone opened a blacksmiths shop in Spelle. Soon, the glory of his mastery spread quickly and farmers outside Spelle started turning to him for services.

Today, KRONE represents time-proven excellent quality standards from Germany. The company sells over 240 models of agricultural machines for fodder preparation in the world market. The whole range of machinery from conventional disc mowers to the legendary BiG X combine harvester helps farmers not only to improve the performance of the enterprise but also to increase the quality of the prepared feed and boost its competitiveness. All KRONE machines boast innovative systems and programmes facilitating operation in the field.

To domestic producers, AgroCentre will supply the full range of KRONE machinery, including disc mowers, combine harvesters, round and square balers, mobile pelleting presses, rotary tedders and windrowers, self-propelled mower conditioners, self-loading wagons, bale trolleys and wrappers.

AgroCentre’s service specialists undergo all necessary training in KRONE machinery operation, familiarise themselves with the production

process, the structure of the machines and the innovations. When the first units are delivered, spare parts warehouses of the dealership will be stocked with items for quick repair and maintenance of KRONE vehicles.

The complete line-up of the KRONE harvesting machinery can be purchased through ROSAGROLEASING programmes.