New item in AgroCentre’s product portfolio – FJ DYNAMICS auto steer system


AgroCentre has widened its product range adding a new smart farming tool, which helps cost reduction and makes performance of all tasks in the field more comfortable – the FJ DYNAMICS autosteering kit. This excellent and budget-friendly alternative to already existing navigation systems is rapidly conquering the Russian agricultural market.

With the new FJ DYNAMICS auto steer system, fieldwork changes out of all recognition no matter what self-propelled machines it is installed on. The FJ DYNAMICS kit is compatible with bog-standard machinery of any brand. The RTK technology ensures an accuracy of up to 2.5 cm increasing efficiency and reducing fuel and plant protection agent costs. Moreover, RTK base station is independent of foreign services and free of any costly subscriptions. One station can cover up to twenty units at once.

The basic components of the FJ DYNAMICS systems are a digital control terminal, satellite receiver, inertial measurement unit (IMU), wheel angle sensor allowing to achieve the highest driving accuracy and an actuator – an electric motor on the steering wheel. The FJ DYNAMICS electric wheel can be installed almost on any type of agricultural machine. The IMU module provides terrain compensation.

When customers buy the FJ DYNAMICS auto steer system, AgroCentre specialists fit their machines with the necessary components, make the programme ready for use and train the operators.