A client meeting arranged as a seminar on technical novelties has been held at Chelyabinsk dealership centre of AgroCentreZakharovo. This time, the AGROAPOLLO CFG 1404 tractor and the FJDynamics autosteering system have been showcased to the local farmers.

AgroCentreZakharovo keeps introducing its partners in different regions of the country to the main discovery of the year – Chinese tractors AGROAPOLLO. Currently, a model range from 90 to 260 hp is presented on the Russian market. The machines are fitted with time-tested Yuchai diesel engines having the BOSCH Common Rail electronically controlled fuel system, as well as an in-house developed manual transmission with reduction and reverse gears.

‘At the seminar, we focused on the AGROAPOLLO CFG 1404 model with a capacity of 140 hp. This versatile all-wheel drive tractor is designed for field works – sowing, harvesting of various crops, autumn ploughing and tillage of the area under spring crops. It can operate with attached and trailed implements, carry out hauling, excavation and road works’, says Sergey Chichay, Head of Chelyabinsk branch, AgroCentreZakharovo.

AGROAPOLLO CFG 1404 tractors are equipped with a transmission that provides 24 forward and 24 reverse gears. The design of the wheel disks of the machine makes for adjusting the track in four standard sizes on each axle. In addition, the back axle has a stepless adjustment option. Of special interest is the professionally designed cabin, which meets all current safety and comfort requirements. The panoramic windows provide a wide view, and the well-thought-out sealing system isolates the operator from external weather factors. These machines become even more attractive to farmers thanks to the warranty of two years or 2,000 engine hours.

‘As an additional equipment for AGROAPOLLO tractors, we highly recommend the FJDynamics autosteering system, a cutting-edge tool for machine operators. It can be installed on almost any agricultural vehicle that has a steering wheel: a tractor, combine harvester and others’, continues Sergey Chichay.

FJDynamics makes it possible to perform farm tasks in conditions of poor visibility and at night. This significantly increases the speed of field works, eliminates skips and repeated passes, which results in the economy of fuel, plant protection agents, seeds and fertilisers. On top of all, the system maintains simultaneous operation of several machines from one RTK station, provides impeccable accuracy of up to 2.5 cm and does not depend on foreign services.

The autosteering kit continuously analyses the IMU sensor and GPS antenna data monitoring the actual position of the equipment. This allows operators to stick to the desired trajectory on uneven fields as precisely as on a flat surface, which minimises overlaps and missed areas.

‘The FJDynamics autopilot is perfect for handling any field task. This system is key to making machines more efficient, accurate and economical’, emphasises Sergey Chichay.