It is never too late to learn, and AgroCentreZakharovo’s sales representatives from the Siberian and Ural regions know it for a fact. They have done a training in the German machinery KRONE which has recently expanded AgroCentre’s portfolio.

During the intensive session, the specialists of KRONE Rus presented an overview of the manufacturer’s innovative solutions and entire range of hay and forage equipment paying special attention to the features and proper settings of the units.

‘In a short time, we received detailed information about the KRONE line-up available on the Russian market. The highlight of the training was the inspection of the technical, technological and design characteristics of the vehicles which have made the brand a world leader in hay and forage equipment. Live communication both with colleagues and KRONE representatives allowed us to discover good prospects and opportunities for the machinery supply to the Siberian and Ural regions’, comments Mikhail Kovalenko, Head of Krasnoyarsk branch, AgroCentreZakharovo.

Today, KRONE is the epitome of the high German quality proven for decades. The company offers over 240 machines for forage harvesting. The wide product range – from disc mowers to the legendary Big X forage harvester – helps farmers not only increase the overall performance but also enhance the quality and competitiveness of the feed.

‘The comeback of traditional trainings is a big draw for all the employees – they have a chance to improve the level of technical knowledge, which ensures we give our customers first-class service. Having the necessary equipment at their disposal, the specialists could carefully examine the assembly units and their layouts. Aleksandr Bukarev, Technical Instructor of KRONE Rus, provided the employees with information that was well-structured and easy-to-understand. To wrap up the training, everyone took a test – the successful completion brought them certificates of upskilling in the KRONE machinery’, notes Sergey Chichay, Head of Chelyabinsk branch, AgroCentreZakharovo.