From 30 November to 2 December, AgroCentreZakharovo took part in one of the largest events of the Siberian Federal District – the Siberian Agricultural Forum 2022. The venue, Sibir Expocentre, brought together over 210 farming enterprises, suppliers and manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment for animal husbandry and crop growing.

The Siberian Agricultural Forum 2022 became a fitting place for displaying modern farming vehicles. Apart from European and overseas novelties, the trade show featured Asian machines which have been actively coming on the Russian market this year.

At its booth, AgroCentreZakharovo demonstrated a 140 hp AGROAPOLLO CFG 1404 tractor along with the FJDynamics autosteering system.

The Asian self-propelled machine is fitted with the 4-cylinder Yuchai Stage II engine having the BOSCH electronic fuel injection system and a preheating function. This hardware ensures a high torque backup up to 30%, which allows the tractor to run smoothly in various conditions even when coupled with heavy implements.

The 24x24 gearbox is fitted with a standard reduction gear and a manual synchronised forward/reverse switch on the steering column. The 3 Category three-point rear hitch with a capacity of 3,200 kg has rod ends with ball studs on the upper and lower arms.

‘AGROAPOLLO tractors can be used for doing common tasks, operating in inter-rows from 70 cm and hauling in various soil and climatic conditions. These self-propelled machines are distinguished by high performance, simplicity, versatility, reliability, ergonomics, operational costs and price in comparison to their contenders’, says Mikhail Kovalenko, Head of Krasnoyarsk branch, AgroCentreZakharovo.

The dealership also introduced the guests to its digital novelty – the FJDynamics autosteering kit. Today, cutting-edge technology solutions play a special role in agriculture making field works more effective, increasing output and cutting down on expenses on lubricants and plant protection agents.

FJDynamics offers a number of various products from guidance systems to autosteering kits engaging satellite navigation. The high-precision Mobile RTK signal ensures 2.5 cm accuracy making for increased performance and reduced operating costs. Besides, the RTK base station comes as standard without any additional activation fee. This system can be installed on tractors of any brand having a standard configuration.

‘Participation in such trade fairs always has a positive effect on our further job as here we meet with our partners, demonstrate novelties, share our promotions and terms of machinery purchasing and get introduced to new agricultural producers. These forums mostly result in contracts for supply of machinery and preliminary agreements’, concludes Mikhail Kovalenko.