AgroCentre has participated in Tambov Field Day 2022, a trade show held in Rzhaksa district. The dealer demonstrated several novelties of farm machinery that hit the Russian market in 2022 to take over from European and American brands.

First things first, the AGROAPOLLO CFJ 2204 tractor manufactured in China was presented to the attendees of the event. The versatile, state-of-the-art machine is fitted with a 220 hp diesel engine and the Common Rail fuel system. In Russia, these tractors are available in the 90 to 260 hp range. AgroCentre has recently delivered a CFJ 2204 machine to Kovalyov R.I. farming enterprise, Krasnodar area, where it is already engaged in various field and non-agricultural operations – ploughing, disking and trailer-related hauling.

‘The model is equipped with a 6-cylinder turbocharged engine of Stage III Emission Class, 3-point rear linkage, 335-litre fuel tank and manual transmission with 32 forward and 32 reverse gears’, says Andrey Krupenin, Head of Tambov branch, AgroCentre. ‘In addition to reliability, suitability for a wide range of works and ease of maintenance, the AGROAPOLLO CFJ 2204 provides exceptional operator comfort: an airtight, quiet cab with a climate control unit, circular air conditioning system and dashboard in the form of a multi-task LCD monitor. Thanks to these features and the guarantee for 2,000 engine hours, the tractors have already become popular with local farmers, and several contracts have been concluded for their supply to Tambov farms.’

Another high-tech solution from the world of the Chinese engineering is the FJDynamics autosteering system which is especially relevant due to the development of precision farming in Russia. It includes a high-accuracy RTK signal receiver and a steering system for automatic correction of the machine travel in accordance with the desired track. The 2.5 cm accuracy makes it possible to achieve almost ideal passes during tillage, sowing, incorporation of plant protection agents and fertilisers.

Horsch is among the European brands that have stayed loyal to the Russian farming industry, and the machinery of the German company was traditionally displayed at the trade show.

‘Horsch does not intend to leave the Russian market. Quite the opposite, it keeps increasing its presence, and we are happy to introduce our partners to the proven, cutting-edge machines of this manufacturer’, emphasises Andrey Krupenin. ‘We showcased several models to Tambov farmers: the Horsch Tiger 4MT stubble cultivator, the Horsch Maestro 8DV row-crop seed drill, the Horsch Joker 7RT+ disc harrow and the Horsch Leeb 4AX trailed sprayer.’

The Horsch Tiger 4MT with a working width of 4 metres and 18 discs for reliable processing of crop residues combines the features of a heavy disc harrow and a subsoiler. The 85-cm frame height ensures maximum clearance, while the MulchMix points with a 45-cm spacing perform deep loosening.

The Horsch Maestro 8DV seed drill guarantees high dosing precision thanks to the AirVac system. The eight-row seeding unit makes for efficient wide-row single-grain sowing. Another advantage of the model is low tractive resistance (from 100 hp).

The Horsch Joker 7RT+ disc harrow with a 7-metre working width is an excellent tool for forming crumbly structure in the germination horizon and optimal backfill compaction of the ground after treatments. The model delivers great performance and flotation at high speed.

In response to the demand from the modern agricultural industry, Horsch offers the Leeb 4AX trailed sprayer. Its hydropneumatic suspension enables it to adapt flawlessly to different terrain features, and the automatic boom control system ensures accurate application of agents. The wheels with a diameter of 1.85 metres and the lightweight design maintain low pressure on the soil.

The products of the Italian company Zaffrani are a must-have at AgroCentre’s booth. The dealer exhibited maize and sunflower headers with a working width of up to 12 metres made of high-quality alloys. These units effectively harvest even lodged plants with minimal seed losses and are simply and quickly installed on most combines used in the Russian Federation.

According to Andrey Krupenin, in challenging market conditions, farmers need to select equipment for their businesses more carefully than ever, and AgroCentre is always there to help them upgrade their machinery fleets, reduce production costs, boost yields and enhance product quality.