Seed Hawk opened a new seeding season on the fields of Saba Ltd.

Rais Minnikhanov, head of the district, and experts of the Department of Agriculture and Food Supplies, had come to see the Seed Hawk 1830-14 system in operation. This is all the more important given the republic’s farmers’ enduring interest in Seed Hawk, which had shown itself to advantage in Russia, especially in arid regions, such as Tatarstan. Seed Hawk works excellently with No-till technology, making it possible to effectively retain soil moisture. According to meteorologists, in terms of drought, this summer in Tatarstan may prove worse than last year’s and could be the worst on record. The head of Saba Ltd., Zinnur Dauliyev, evaluated the machine as follows:

�The seeder is highly productive. It works excellently at a speed of 8-10 km/h at a grip width of 18 metres. This makes it possible to sow 130-140 ha of arable land per shift. In six days we sowed around 1,000 ha.’

In addition to high productivity, the special advantage of Seed Hawk over other wide-grip counterparts is its cost effectiveness stemming from precise introduction of seeds and fertilisers. The unique design of the coulter assures a steady depth of seeding and fertiliser insertion. Also, it provides optimum compactness of the surface, whatever the ground contour. Saba Ltd. experts have calculated that the standard seeding output of Seed Hawk is 190 kg per ha, 40 kg less than that of a seeder used last year.

Marat Akhmetov, head of Tatarstan’s Ministry of Agriculture and Food Supplies, and head of the Republic’s municipal districts, came to see the seeder in operation.

�I’m glad the Republic has acquired such advanced equipment,’ says Marat Akhmetov. �True, thus far this is the first such seeder on the fields of Tatarstan, but let’s hope it will show itself to advantage and become one of the most sought-after machines in Tatarstan’s new agriculture.’

The minister promised to visit the farm during harvesting and to see for himself the results of the work.