On the same battlefield

For the second year, AgroCentre has been supplying Russian farmers with Challenger 92 to 610 hp wheeled and caterpillar tractors. In this section, our partners shared their impressions of those machines.

Orlovsky Lider LLC (Orel oblast). The company engages in crop production, animal husbandry and poultry breeding.

Dmitry Yerep, deputy director:

“We have made intense use of the Challenger MT875РЎ tractor for half a year. This is a highly efficient model. It has replaced three less powerful machines, which we then could use on other jobs. With its low skidding coefficient, the MT875РЎ performs very well on our swampy, wet, and sod-podzol soils. It exerts lower pressure on the soil than wheeled tractors. The cross-country capability of the caterpillar is higher. Therefore, we can do the fieldwork earlier. The productivity of the 8th series model varies depending on the function, which could be seeding, ploughing, discing, or grain planting. For example, in discing it reaches 26.8 ha/h. The tractor's average productivity is 4 ha/h. The Challenger MT875РЎ tractor consumes 58 l/h, compared to 62 l/h of other caterpillar models. The tractor's average fuel consumption in fieldwork is 4.42 l/ha.

The Challenger MT875РЎ offers superior comfort, i.e. an enlarged cabin room, improved visibility, air conditioning and OptiRide Plus pneumatic suspension of the driver seat. The Tractor Management Centre (TMC) comprises a sensor monitor, instrument panel, right-hand support with extra options, new armrest with control elements and multiple-function joystick, which provide higher operator comfort and enable the user to fully monitor and control all the operations.

Current spending on use and repair does not exceed that of a wheeled tractor. No serious malfunctions have been observed. The only faults in operation occur during the tractor calibration and adjustment. AgroCentreLiski engineers help to quickly cure the faults. Within four to five hours after our call, the servicing team arrives at the farm and cures the faults. It is very convenient that the company specialists provide consultations in the on-line mode, which significantly cuts trouble-shooting time.”

STASAgro LLC (Tyumen oblast). The agricultural enterprise specialises in cattle breeding and fodder production. It also is engaged in growing field crops.

Stanislav Yefimov, Deputy Director General:

“We use two Challenger MT685C (370 hp) wheeled tractors on our farm. During the season one was operated 2,000 hours, the other 1,300. They were coupled to seeders, cultivator and a chisel plough. In work with the Rapid seeder, the tractor's total productivity is 6-8 ha/h, with fuel consumption of 8-9 l/ha. In case of the chisel plough, the productivity is 3-4 ha/h, with fuel consumption of 13-15 l/ha. The modern automatic gearbox provides infinitely variable control of the forward speed.

Compared to the competitors, one of the Challenger's fortes is a solar battery that charges the accumulators. A spacious cabin, air conditioner and excellent visibility create operator comfort. No serious breakdowns were registered during the operation. The AgroCentreZakharovo servicing department operates superbly. Its engineers promptly provide help even at night.”

Global Eco LLC (Kursk oblast). The company is involved with pig breeding.

Vasily Tsutsman, Director:

“Last year, the Challenger MT685D (340 hp) tractor worked 3,500 ha, of which it seeded 1,200 hectares with spring crops. This is a powerful machine. It ‘tows’ the seeder, cultivator and plough well. It has a strong chassis and the front axle support. The machine is convenient and simple to control. The One-Touch system enables the operator to just push a button on the gearbox lever to adjust the speed and engine rotation frequency, to elevate or lower a three-point hitch, activate and deactivate the power takeoff shaft and to adjust the mounted units. There wasn't a single breakdown during the season. Only one little incident occurred, but it was due to our fault. That was when the fuel strainer fouled. But we fixed it up quickly. This year we have acquired another such tractor.”