Born in Brazil

AgroCentre is the first AGCO Corporation dealer to have arranged a trip for Russian farmers to the Massey Ferguson plant in Brazil. The farmers watched how the tractor is manufactured, visited a farm and saw one of the world’s wonders, the unforgettable Iguazu Falls.

The Russian guests were personally welcomed by Carlito Eckert, the plant’s director. He told them about the history of the enterprise and its development plans. The plant manufactures MF 470 and MF 480 smaller tractor models powered by up to 230 hp engines. Each year, 50,000 prime movers roll off the production line here. Self-propelled sprinklers are also assembled in the plant. The farmers saw all the stages of production, from raw metal acceptance and laser cutting to painting and assembly. The guests noted the high level of automation and quality control applied to each component.

Vasily Finogeyev, director of the Krasny Mayak farming enterprise (Yaroslavl oblast) was particularly interested to see the production process. Late last year, Krasny Mayak was Russia’s first company to acquire the Brazilian-built MF 470 tractor.

“It was good to see for ourselves how the equipment we’re buying is manufactured,” says Vasily Finogeyev. “The scale of production, the impeccable organisation of the manufacturing process, and well-thought-out logistics impressed us very favourably.”

The guests visited Augustin, a major servicing centre of a Massey Ferguson dealer, where they saw how the workshops are equipped and how the operation of the storage facility is organised.

The Russian farmers also familiarised themselves with the country’s agriculture. They visited a farm that grows soya and maize on 800 hectares, employing the no-till technology. The bulk of its inventory is Massey Ferguson equipment. The head of the farm pointed out that soya is Brazil’s number one crop. It couldn’t go unnoticed. The guests were amazed by the quality of soya crops which, literally, reached to the farmers’ waists!   

Sun-kissed Brazil made many memorable impressions on the Russian guests. They saw the Iguazu Falls, one of the world’s most impressive wonders, comparable to Niagara and Victoria. The place is interesting in that it is located near a point where the borders of three countries, Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay, converge. They ascended the famous Corcovado Mountain that commands a magnificent view of Rio de Janeiro. The guests were stunned by Rio’s unique blend of colours, ultra-modern architecture, and luxurious beaches. The Russian farmers enjoyed a plunge in the Atlantic Ocean and an SUV drive across the urban jungles. Many believe that this unforgettable trip was a welcome mix of what is useful with what is beautiful!