“Silver” innovations of AGCO

Two newly developed products from AGCO Machinery have won awards in the innovations competition at the Agrosalon 2014 exhibition

The competition featured sixty-one developments in the field of agricultural engineering, nineteen of which were awarded prizes. All the samples were evaluated in the rigorous terms of the novelty’s importance for practical use, advantages offered for company savings and labour, benefits for the environment and natural resources conservation, soil fertility management, improving working conditions and occupational safety.

AGCO Machinery, a leading manufacturer of farm equipment, received two silver medals for innovations. The first was for development of the electronic fuel supply system for the Valtra N103.4H3 Dual Fuel diesel engine. This makes it possible to run not only on diesel, but also on compressed natural gas, biogas or biodiesel. The second medal was awarded for a unique electronic system to control the tractor and mounted implements combined in the single terminal Fendt 933 Vario Profi Plus 1.

“Tractors with the integrated Fendt 933 Vario Profi Plus 1 terminal have been successfully operating in Russia for several years now,” says Oleg Kitsis, Fendt and Valtra sales manager of AGCO Machinery. “We are already planning with AgroCentre the deliveries of tractors with electronic fuel supply engines running on natural gas or alternative fuels. Several farming enterprises, for instance in the Tyumen oblast, are willing to buy such machines.”