Winter is coming. Time to ponder the harvest

Even though the farming season 2014 ended quite recently, farmers are bracing for the next year. As the 19th Voronezhagro agro-industrial exhibition showed, the farmers put their bets on cost-effective equipment.

At the AgroCentreLiski stand, farmers got interested in the Massey Ferguson 8690 (370 hp) tractor.

“This powerful machine was shown off to advantage when matched with wide grip tools. In addition, it is economical, consuming 20% less fuel than other tractors of the same class,” says Ivan Provotorov, AgroCentreLiski sales department manager. “This tractor is fitted with the most powerful six-cylinder AgcoPower engine featuring the lowest fuel consumption. The tractor’s unique dynamic control system ‘remembers’ work loads and automatically controls the engine and transmission, optimising fuel consumption. The demand for these tractors is now high. I think that in the next farming year there will be more such tractors on the Voronezh fields.”

At the Voronezhagro exhibition, the next farming season was also commented on by the head of the Voronezh Oblast Department of Agrarian Policy. He emphasised that the agricultural enterprises of the Voronezh farming sector have completed the year with excellent results both in crop production and stockbreeding. The work tempo must be maintained, and still higher results must be obtained by resorting to new technologies and employing highly efficient equipment. The forthcoming harvest must be considered as early as now, with winter at hand.

So the farmers are busy thinking. The guests of the AgroCentreLiski stand took an interest in the Massey Ferguson Activa 7347S (276 hp) combine harvester. The machine offers outstanding threshing and cleaning quality. It has been designed for maximum adaptation to the fields of each farm. The combine has a variety of reapers for different crops.

The end of the exhibition showed that the demand for cost effectiveness, though power-intensive, equipment is now growing. The Massey Ferguson 8690 tractor demonstrated by AgroCentreLiski was awarded a golden medal of the Voronezhagro 2014 exhibition.