The land of the French….

was visited by Russian agricultural producers together with AgroZentr within the context of attending Sima-2015 international exhibition and touring Massey Ferguson tractor manufacturing plant. The guests from Russia completed a whole academic course on the latest achievements and novelties in the area of agricultural machinery within several days.

A roaring debut awaited the guests at AGCO booth. The company presented the new range of high-horsepower Fendt 1000 Vario tractors, with a new power class from 380-500 hp. The tractor is equipped with a compact 12.4 litre six-cylinder engine. The stepless Vario transmission has been upgraded. The tractor is extremely maneuverable and fast despite its considerable dimensions; it has a maximum height of 3.6 m and weight of 14 tonnes. The newly developed large tyres (diameter up to 2.35 meters) and the VarioGrip integral tyre pressure regulation system makes the tractor a real «athlete» and enables it to work with the wide-cut heavy machines. The new series of Fendt tractors will be available on the market at the end of 2015.

Väderstad was awarded "Machine of the Year 2015" at the official ceremony at Sima for Opus, one of its latest novelties. Opus is equipped with a powerful frame and designed to handle large amounts of harvest residues.

‘We are very thankful and excited about the prize’, says Crister Stark, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vaderstad, ‘and we hope many customers will benefit from Opus’.

Kverneland presented its «intellectual» machine. The new FastBale press-baler was awarded a silver medal for its unique opportunities. Currently, the Fastbale is a the only non-stop functioning baler in the world equipped with a fixed chamber which film-wrapping the bales. In 2015, Kverneland engineers will continue the field study and make some alterations to the press-baler to fit different crop varieties before the novelty enters the market.

The agricultural producers highly appreciated the new 6-tonnes JCB 560-80 telescopic handler with a maximum lift height of 6 m.

‘Today we have taken a look into the future of the agriculture’, says Nikolay Ivanishchev, Director General of AgroZentr-Holding, LLC. ‘We are glad that despite the difficult economic situation in the agricultural machinery market, our partners do not stand still; they move with the times and create the smart new machines that enable us to work efficiently in the field’.

Russian agricultural producers also visited Massey Ferguson tractor manufacturing plant in Beauvais where they saw the details of the manufacturing process. That is where the 5, 6, 7, 8 Series tractors with a rated capacity from 85 to 400 h.p. are designed. 62 tractors roll off the assembly line on a daily basis.

Viktor Yeremtsov, Deputy Director General for Crop Production of MC RusMoloko, LLC visited the SIMA exhibition for the first time – ‘The diversity of brands and novelties presented at the exhibition is impressive’, says Viktor Yeremtsev, ‘We have been working with many of them for a long time. I first learnt about Vaderstad machinery in 1997. The quality of the impements is excellent. I liked the new Opus cultivator which I saw at the exhibition. It perfectly meets the requirements of our enterprise. JCB handlers are the best-in-class. The new improved models presented at SIMA can enlarge the range of field activities. After visiting Massey Ferguson plant, I have no doubts with regard to the tractors quality. The manufacturing process is on the right track: everything meets the highest possible standards’.