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It often happens that non-domestic agricultural equipment is not suitable for the large and extensive Russian farms. This results in additional time and money spent on extra fuel, spare parts, etc. The capacious Gustrower machines (made in Germany) can cope with Russian spaces. Our farmers mark out their substantial advantages, such as versatility, conscientious design and reliability.

AgroCentre has been supplying Gustrower equipment since 2012.

As our clients note, the Gustrower GTU grain chaser bin is one of the most capacious on our market. In the model GTU 36, the maximal hopper volume is 36 m³, and it can be customised and increased up to 40 m³. It is easy to count how many KAMAZ trucks one can substitute with just one chaser.

Chaser discharge rates vary from 12 to 15 m³/min. The chasers feature high performance, along with careful soil treatment. Thanks to large-size tyres, pressure on the field surface is minimal. This helps to protect soil structure from crushing and also reduces fuel consumption.

GTU chasers can be used for transportation of loose granular fertilisers, rape seeds, grain seeds, etc.

Maximal discharge height of the chaser bins of 4.7 m is also an important factor, since this feature provides convenient operation on slopes and high level roads.

The all-purpose Gustrower GDK fertiliser spreaders are the best choice for large farms both in terms of capacity and intelligence. These spreaders are compatible with all the systems used in precise farming.

Hopper volume depends upon the model and varies from 5 to 14 m³. In spite of its considerable dimensions, the spreader moves around with grace and presses the soil very gently thanks to large diameter wheels, special heavy duty axles and a low centre of gravity.

As a scraper chain is used instead of the standard belt feeder, Gustrower GDK spreaders can be used for application of all kinds of mineral fertilisers, lime (dry or wet), dry bird-lime and compost. Maximum grip width is up to 40 m. Operating speed is up to 25 km/h.

Gustrower spreaders are equipped with their own hydraulic system, thus they do not overload the tractor's hydraulics.

Precision of spreading is nearly constant regardless of speed. Deviation is 1-2%. A special sensor detects speed variations within 1-2 seconds and the operation rate of the feeding scraper chain is corrected accordingly.

“The chaser is ingenious and simple,” says Aleksandr Buzulukin, head of the sales order department at AgroCentreLiski. “Complicated settings are not necessary for switching from one material to another. This is truly the most efficient chaser among comparable machinery. This is the very appropriate choice for large and medium agricultural enterprises.”