Find out about the similarities between a tractor and a Boeing!

The similarities become noticeable after installation of Trimble, a positioning system for precision farming. Trimble is an American company which has been developing navigation systems for about 40 years. Its solutions are used in geodesy, construction and the aviation industry. Because of outstanding signal quality and precision, Trimble tracking systems are installed on its aircraft by Boeing Corporation.

Trimble works well not only in the sky, but down on the ground as well. This system helps to cut expenses on fertilisers, fuel and seeds. AgroCentre offers various Trimble packages, from automatic steering systems to differential fertilising and seeding.

“One of the most important advantages of Trimble is its compatibility with agriculture machines of any brand. I would like to note that Trimble works with either GPS or GLONASS, besides using its own correction signals, all of which makes it very precise. Its range of capabilities is really wide, allowing any agricultural calculations based on actual data,” says Andrei Shtubov, product-manager of AgroCentreLiski LLC.

Trimble products make field work faster, more effective and precise. Depending on the target, the operator can select a suitable heading indicator (display) featuring a certain ‘train’ of functions.

EZ-GUIDE 250 heading indicator provides high quality and precision for field work considering the low cost of the system. It works well for crop production where sub-metre precision is enough. Colour display and several templates for moving around the field make the operator’s job easier. The night mode function enables 24 hours operation. After completion of the day’s work, the accumulated data can be saved to a USB flash-drive and transferred to a computer.

CFX-750 display is intended for parallel steering and precise farming operations. The built-in double-frequency receiver processes signals of any precision class (up to 2.5 cm) and supports the GLONASS system. It can be complemented with a steering correction device or Autopilot system.

The Field-IQ system is used for differential fertilising and seeding, saving about 30% on average. The system controls sections of agricultural implements, regulates seed and fertiliser distribution rates, prevents overlapping, analyses seeding quality by such indicators as number of seeds per area unit, gaps, overlaps and distance between the sown seeds.

Operation reports can be transferred to a PC via the USB port or by using the Connected Farm function for wireless data transmission.

FmX multifunctional display combines features of the two systems described above plus several additional functions.

TrueGuide is the system for passive control of the implement. It controls tractor movement to make an implement follow rigorously the preset trajectory. The autopilot system is used for trajectory correction. No additional devices required.

TrueTracker system provides high precision control of the implement, even on steep slopes and the most complicated soils.

WEEDSEEKER system is used for automated detection and spraying of weeds. This system helps to reduce costs for complete chemical weeding and save up to 80% of funds allocated for plant protection products, time and labour costs.

GREENSEEKER system provides fertilising based on data of herbage sensors. The system checks the amount of available nitrogen in the soil and automatically calculates and distributes the required amount of fertiliser.

FmX display can be used while harvesting for yield and moisture mapping. Installation of special updates is enough to enable this option. Data are stored in the FmX display memory and can be easily transferred to software for mapping and comparison operations.