The Main Wealth Is in The Fields

Organization of the Field Day before the beginning of the harvest became a good tradition for the farmers of the Penza oblast. This year, agricultural producers met at the region’s leading agricultural enterprise n.a. Dimitrov, which is a longtime partner of AgroCenterZakharovo. The farmers discussed pressing issues, shared their best practices and saw modern agricultural equipment.

Petr Stepanyuk showed the guests his main wealth – cereal and row crops. The agricultural producers also appreciated the winter wheat fields. Last year, the enterprise received the highest yield in the region of 6.8 tonnes per hectare. This year, the company is planning to keep the achieved results. Petr believes that sophisticated technologies and state-of-the-art equipment are the keystones of success. His enterprise possesses a fleet of advanced machines. Last year, Petr Stepanyuk became a proud owner of the only Challenger Single Disc 9850-60 air seed drill with the working width of 18.3 m.

Petr Andreevich shared his experience of working with this machine at the field demonstration:

‘I purchased this seed drill from AgroCenter to sow wheat with zero tillage’, says Petr Stepanyuk. ‘We sowed 1,400 hectares of winter wheat after corn for grain. The seed drill managed very well with the majority of the crop residue. No other seed drill would cope here. We received very good emergence’.

The main feature of the seed drill is the double seed tube which makes it possible to sow the seeds and apply fertilizer separately. Another advantage of the Challenger Single Disc drill is its gauge wheel which is placed behind the disk, not next to it.

‘The gauge wheel doesn’t bend the crop remains into the seedbed like other seed drills of different brands’, says Aleksei Porokhin, the Leading Sales Manager of the Penza branch of AgroCenterZakharovo. ‘Therefore, nothing prevents from proper seed coverage. The demonstration of the three Challenger sprayers – RoGator 1300, RoGator 700 and SpraCoup 7660 – became a fascinating show. By the way, Challenger SpraCoup 7660 sprayer has been operating in the fields of the enterprise for three seasons already. The machine has covered 30,000 hectares within this time’.

‘RoGator 700 is a new model at the Russian market’, says Dmitrii Trofimov, Sales Manager of AGCO. ‘The spayer is equipped with a cost-efficient AGCO POWER engine (0,5-0,7 l/ha) and the HydroStar continuously variable transmission. The CVT HydroStar monitors optimum speed and fuel consumption on various parts of the field. The innovative independent air suspension of the undercarriage ensures smooth movement and absorbs inertia so that the movement is not passed on to the boom. This increases the operating speed and the capacity of the sprayer.

The ‘big guns’ of AGCO company were also exhibited at the show. The Challenger MT865С track tractor and the 8 Series Massey Ferguson wheeled tractor received recognition of the farmers of the Penza oblast. Besides, the majority of the exhibited machines had been brought directly from the fields of AgroCenter’s partners, where they had operated for several seasons. Among these machines are not only tractors, loaders and sprayers, but also a number of trailed machinery produced by Vaderstad, Kverneland, and Challenger. That proves the fact that the machines are not just standing on the farms, they are really working.