I’m impressed!

Despite idle opinions that currently Russian agribusiness is suffering from hard times and farmers don’t even think of buying new equipment, a new trade show, Urals Field Day 2015, was born in the Kurgan oblast.

The farming machines marched at the opening of the festivities.

The AgroCentreZakharovo equipment closed the procession. One of the most powerful track tractors, Challenger MT 845C (430 hp), headed the column. A week of rains in the Kurgan oblast preceded the event and helped this machine to show its tractive characteristics in full glory, driving over the field without skidding or sticking and with minimum rut depth.

“These tractors may be coupled with disc harrows, wide-cut cultivators, subsoilers and drills,” Dmitry Gerasimenko, Executive Director of the Kurgan branch of AgroCentreZakharovo LLC, says. “The wear-resistant tracks can work 10 to 12,000 motor-hours. Their service life exceeds that of the wheels. Wide tracks provide larger surface contact area and, as a result, minimise load on the soil and its compaction while preserving soil structure and maintaining its productivity.”

Then the guests set off to the field test drive.

During the Challenger MT 845C track tractor demonstration, the host asked if someone wanted to take a ride.

Kurgan Oblast Governor Aleksey Kokorin was the first who answered.

“I felt myself inside a plane not a tractor,” Aleksey Gennadyevich remarked after making a big circle in the field at the speed of more than 35 km/h. “You just fly above the ground sensing neither hummocks nor speed! I’m impressed!”