Spaceship factory

On the eve of the visit to Agritechniсa — 2015, a team of AgroCentre customers visited the Fendt tractor factory in Marktoberdorf, Bavaria. Even the most experienced farmers, who had seen many cutting edge farming machines production sites, were immensely impressed with the factory.

This is not surprising since three years ago AGCO doubled the production capacity of Fendt and built new facilities on an area of approx. 85, 000 m2.

The company constructed and modernized new manufacturing facilities, optimized all the processes, IT-systems and the essential production technology components. Coming off the factory production lines are machines of all types: from mini-tractors for vineyards to 390 hp machines.

The guests from Russia saw the automated production facilities and a one-kilometre-long production line. Particular attention was given to the work of them. 60% of all the operations are performed by the robots.

The farmers were amazed by the ergonomic characteristics of the workplaces and sequences. The tools and materials are clearly arranged and intelligently designed and are set up by the assembly line so that the workers have everything at hand, immediately and according to the requirements of the planned work. Everything is clear and efficient.

The Russian farmers also remarked on the convenience and promptness of the automated small parts storage system (ASRS). It ensures the fastest possible access to the required item. The guests liked the well-thought-out system: over 26,800 storage units are available for mini-load carriers on only 400 m2.

The tour finished with a test-drive of the Fendt 800 and 900 Series tractors. Many representatives of AgroCentre had driven this farming Mercedes on more than one occasion.

‘Having visited the Fendt tractor factory, we now have a full understanding of what the quality label “Made in Germany” stands for’, says Evgeny Skulditsky, Deputy Director of Agrotekhnichesky Centre OJSC (Tyumen oblast). ‘I am absolutely fascinated by what I have seen. Automation, structure and absolute order in everything, plus implementation of the most extraordinary solutions and know-how!

The Fendt factory is a fantastic place! During the tour, my colleagues and I forgot that we were at a tractor factory. That was a spaceship assembly plant at the least!’