Still more pluses!

ANNABURGER launches the new SchubMax Plus HTS 22.17 trailer with a reloading auger and a spreading mechanism into the Russian market. In 2014, the trailers underwent field trials after which the farmers of Slovakia and Poland were the first to test the new model on their farms.

The SchubMax Plus HTS 22.17 trailer has still more advantages as compared to the SchubFix trailer well acknowledged in Russia: a larger volume body, a smaller unladen weight and a capability to discharge the contents with the front pushing shield, which facilitates consistent and precisely metered discharge in low-ceilinged facilities and on uneven ground.

‘The SchubMax Plus trailer has a reliable and multifunctional structure which has been improved by the engineers on the basis of the experience of the previous models’, says Sergey Gilev, Export Department Specialist at ANNABURGER. ‘The trailer can be used for both transporting the green and wilted grass mass and, in combination with the reloading auger, – for reloading grain and loading sowing units. When coupled with spreading equipment, it can apply solid organic fertilizer. Installation of a spreader or a reloading auger does not take more than 30 minutes.

The machine’s spreading mechanism is enhanced with three horizontal spreading shafts which ensure fine crushing of the applied material by rotating at 400 rpm.

The machine has a hydraulic board and two disk spreaders which rotate at the speed of 390 rpm and feature six adjustable blades for application of different types of material.

The mechanical drive with a power take-off (PTO) speed of 1,000 rpm is designed to avoid maximum load on the driven assembly units, which ensures longevity of the trailer and the spreading equipment.

The maximum allowable trailer weight is 23 tonnes provided that it is coupled to a tractor. The optimum spreading width of the SchubMax Plus HTS 22.17 is 24 metres. The AMS5 steering system guarantees convenient control over the spreading process.

‘The SchubMax Plus HTS 22.17 trailer with a pushing shield is an optimal solution for logistical tasks of a farming enterprise. It helps to avoid extra costs for machinery service. The trailer is an ideal choice for both grain and livestock farms’, says Sergey Gilev.

‘Organic matter application allows farmers to save on purchase of expensive mineral fertilizers. The grain auger loads the chaser carts with grain, and sowing units – with seeds. The large side allows the operators to unload haylage, grain or any other (even sticky) materials in no time without changing the balance of the body or tipping it.’