Over 200 companies doing business in the farming sector of Siberia, the Far East, the central part of Russia and the CIS countries have taken part in the largest international exhibition Siberian Agricultural Week 2021. The event was held on 10-12 November in Novosibirsk and attracted 7,000 guests.

Krasnoyarsk branch of AgroCentreZakharovo has taken part in Krasnoyarsk Area Field Day held in the village of Borsk, Sukhobuzimskoye district.

At 2021 Ural Field Day, Kurgan branch of AgroCentreZakharovo presented time-proven reliable machinery of the world-renowned manufacturers. Agricultural sector is a growing industry - new players are entering the market, while the existing companies are expanding. An essential part of a successful farming enterprise is a good machinery fleet, which meets the needs of a particular business. The models AgroCentre supplies can help specialists to buy a winning combination of units.

AGCO-RM, one of the Russian agricultural machinery market leaders, has announced launching of a new Massey Ferguson telehandler line-up. Featuring an up-to-date ergonomic operator cab, the machines usher in a new era of comfort and productivity.

AgroCentre in conjunction with AGCO Corporation consistently offer unique and high-tech novelties to Russian farmers. Despite the difficult situation in the world, this year is no exception – the companies brought the stylish, powerful and economical Massey Ferguson IDEAL machines to the Russian fields.

When people say ‘active summer’, they can imply diving into the sea, conquering mountain peaks or discovering new countries and cities. For AgroCentre, active summer means being around its clients.

On 28 June, AgroCentreLiski together with Horsch, a manufacturer of farming equipment, held a demo show of the Horsch Leeb 5.280 VL self-propelled sprayer. Lipetsk oblast became the second point on its ‘touring’ map where this model displayed its unlimited capabilities.

In the fields of Okhotno in Bryansk oblast, an agricultural holding engaged in beef and dairy livestock farming, AgroCentreLiski has held a demo show of a Güstrower GFI 15-4 – a machine designed for injecting liquid mineral fertiliser.

AgroCentre has participated in an annual dealer conference devoted to Massey Ferguson machinery. AGCO corporation, the event organiser and the manufacturer itself, rated highly the dealer’s performance in Russia for the last year, having rewarded it with ten prizes in various nominations.

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