Even though the farming season 2014 ended quite recently, farmers are bracing for the next year. As the 19th Voronezhagro agro-industrial exhibition showed, the farmers put their bets on cost-effective equipment.

Today in terms of sophistication, tractor equipment comes close to that of a spaceship. Therefore its servicing must be appropriate. Just a sledge hammer and a couple of expressive idioms won’t fix a technical problem. So, when buying equipment the farmers carefully think over how it will be serviced and by whom.  

AgroCentreZakharovo has staged a real tractor battle on the fields of the Kurganovsky LLC, Penza oblast. The prime movers of the world’s leading manufacturers competed to see which could prepare the soil for spring seeding faster, better and more economically.   

AGCO opens a new customer support facility in Russia, the Fuse Contact Centre.

AgroCentre has participated in the most significant farming event of this year, the Agrosalon international exhibition of farm equipment. Despite difficult relations with the West, no chill has been registered in the relationship between foreign manufacturers and Russian farmers. 

AgroCentre has participated in the annual Kick-Off event arranged by the Swedish company Vaderstad. This is a gathering of dealers from all over the world to show off their new products due to appear in 2015.  

Reliability, versatility and simplicity in operation, such are the advantages of the Challenger 9800 Single Disc seeder that explain why farmers prefer it to others. Each farmer believes that this machine will become an unchallengeable hit of the new seeding season.

Ever more proposals crop up on the market for building modern elevators. For the third year AgroCentre has cooperated with the North-American company GSI, which has all the equipment needed for efficient grain production.

The preparation for the autumn seeding at AgroCentre started with demonstrations. In Penza oblast, 45 hectares of Konstantinovo Closed Joint Stock Company have been sown with winter wheat by minimum and no-till technology using Challenger and Vaderstad equipment. The principal purpose was to see and compare results obtained with different methods. 

Autumn in Voronezh started with the Industrial Crops Cultivation and Harvesting exhibition held in the Khokholsky district of the oblast. AgroCentreLiski introduced the guests to a “technological duet” used for sowing industrial crops.

A competition took place on the fields of the Agrofirma Ariant LLC, Chelyabinsk oblast. Participating in it was farming equipment including self-propelled mowers, grain combine harvesters and tractors from the best known brands. AgroCentreZakharovo also took part in this “farm rally.”