The Russian farmers had a stroll around Buckingham Palace, watched Big Ben and visited the largest JCB loaders’ manufacturing plant. This opportunity was provided to them by AgroCentre Company, organisers of the trip to England. 

According to the estimates of experts, over recent years the Russian caterpillar tractor market has grown significantly. Compared to last year, AGCO alone increased its sales of Challenger caterpillar tractors by 25%. The experts of AgroCentre point out that many farmers have reconsidered their attitude to caterpillar tractors. In many parameters, they are obviously superior to their wheeled counterparts.

The current year brought records to the Kursk farmers. They became the Central Federal Region’s champions in grain harvesting. The grain total of the oblast came to 4 million tonnes, for which it was awarded the Grand Prix of the Golden Autumn 2013 All-Russian Agro-Industrial Exhibition. At the Farmers’ Day, the agrarians received congratulations they well deserved.

AgroCentre introduced its customers to the Massey Ferguson brand when they visited the company’s tractor assembly plant in France. Every farmer in Europe knows this brand. The company’s logo, “a trebled triangle” has become for them a symbol of success. AgroCentre believes that this will also bring success to our farmers.

The shortage of grain storage facilities arises as an acute problem each time the harvesting turns up. Where and how to keep the harvested crop? Is it worthwhile to pay an outsider elevator or would it pay to invest in building one’s own?

For nearly a year, our farmers have worked in conditions imposed by the WTO. The new economic situation stimulates more efficient work and helps us compete more successfully on the global market. No success is possible without modern technological solutions.

AgroCentreLiski took part in the VoronezhAgro 2013 exhibition, a traditional agricultural event in life of the Black Earth Zone. It presented there the Challenger MT 585D, the tractor currently most in demand.

Massey Ferguson has been a member of the AGCO family since 1995. Over the years, it has won the sympathy and respect of European farmers. Starting this year, AgroCentre presents this brand also on the Russian market. In this issue, AgroCentre recommends powerful, high-tech grain combine harvesters.

On Ukraine's largest fair Inter Agro won Tempo a gold medal in the category of precision planting. The prize was received by Vaderstad’s CEO in Ukraine Vitaliy Filatov. The award was presented at the exhibition in Kiev on 30th October 2013.

Vaderstad has taken over full ownership of the Canadian company Seed Hawk, in which it has been a part-owner since 2006. Seed Hawk is a manufacturer of air seeders based in Langbank, Canada. The acquisition will permit expansion on the North American market.

Worldwide iPadization has come to agricultural machinery. Vaderstad company has presented its novelty – Tempo planter now equipped with the new iPad-based software by Apple. The dealers from 27 countries were told about this and many other innovations during the annual conference. AgroCentre took part in this event as well.

The Rapid A600C seeder, manufactured by Vaderstad, got a gold medal in the “Best seeding and planting machine” category. The awards ceremony of the Best Farming Machine 2013 contest took place at the Zolotaya Osen 2013 exhibition.