On April 25th in a 24 hours race a Tempo F8 planted 212 hectares of corn at an average speed of 18 km per hour. A 42% increase in capacity per row unit compared to the official world record carried out with a 24 row planter.

In the new season, AGCO has prepared an array of new products for farmers. AgroCentre customers who attended the presentation of equipment in Simferopol could see them all for themselves. 

Technical re-equipment of farming enterprises of the Tyumen oblast became the number one topic of the Agricultural Sector 2013 Trade Show. This year the show was held on an especially large scale. About 40 suppliers presented 110 state-of-the-art machines to  agricultural producers of Tyumen oblast. Over 20 of them were demonstrated by AgroCentreZakharovo.

At the Green Week 2013 exhibition in Berlin, the Valmont Irrigation Company signed a memorandum with the Rostov Oblast Administration for erecting a Valley irrigation system manufacturing facility.

The prestigious magazine Top Agrar has recently made a comparison of three various planters; Amazone EDX 6000-TC, Horsch Maestro 8,75 CC and Vaderstad Tempo. For the newcomer on the world stage -  the Vaderstad Tempo F8 the results are impressive.

Amidst the wide variety of seeders on the domestic market, it is hard to find one that demonstrates an excellent seeding capability in various soils and climatic conditions. However, one such seeder does exist! This is the Rapid from Vaderstad.

For the second year, AgroCentre has been supplying Russian farmers with Challenger 92 to 610 hp wheeled and caterpillar tractors. In this section, our partners shared their impressions of those machines.

AgroCentre has organised for its customers a trip to Paris to attend the SIMA 2013 International Agricultural Exhibition. Experts from different countries gather here biannially to learn about and discuss achievements in global agriculture. This year, over 300 foreign delegations attended the exhibition to see more than 1,300 exhibits and 1,550 brands.

AgroCentre has organised a new foreign tour for Russian farmers. This time, its specialists visited Italy. During the visit, they went to see AGCO Corporation's facility in Laverda, a dairy farm, and of course, attended places where they were treated to Italian cheese and wine.

We live in times when the national farming industry realised the need for change and most farmers started to modernise their production technologies.

The productivity and quality of grain crops on the Russian fields have improved remarkably over the last decade. However, the harvest is not what is on the field but what is in the granary.